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Freight overflows push LTLs to make tough decisions
TransporDive, July 2021

Freight Management System Market Size is Predicted to Touch USD 18.63 Billion by 2025 at a 9.4% CAGR – Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)
Yahoo! Finance, July 2021

Taking Stock of Cybersecurity with Carrier Logistics’ Kevin Linardic
Heavy Duty Trucking, June 2021

What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity in Trucking
Heavy Duty Trucking, June 2021

Réponses automatisées pour le système FACTS (Automated responses for the FACTS system)
Transport Routier, June 2021

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CARL automating responses for FACT system
Carrier Logistics is using artificial intelligence to automate replies to inquiries, with a new platform called CARL – CLI’s Automated Response Logic.
Today’s Trucking, May 2021

A proven approach to fleet maintenance
Fleet Maintenance, April 2021

JA Frate Goes Paperless with Carrier Logistics
Fleet News Daily, April 2021

The History and State of Vehicle Routing!
Supply Chain Brief, March 2021

Workflow Software Could Be Part of Solution to Truck Driver Shortage
Transport Topics, March 2021

Ross Express Chooses Carrier Logistics to Sustain Growth
AJOT, March 2021

Ross Express Chooses Carrier Logistics to Sustain Growth
fleetnewsdaily, March 2021

The biggest cybersecurity threats your fleet faces (and what to do about them)
Fleet Equipment, March 2021

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Police escorts, air-tight delivery windows and capacity constraints: What’s ahead and behind for COVID-19 vaccine loads
CCJ, February 2021

Carrier Logistics upgrades Facts freight management system
Fleet Equipment, February 2021

Carrier Logistics Inc. Upgrades FACTS Technology with Cybersecurity and AI Solutions
Fleet News Daily, February 2021

Carrier Logistics Inc. upgrades FACTS technology with cybersecurity and AI solutions
AJOT, February 2021

Lack of driver training in cybersecurity ‘a gap waiting to be exploited’
CCJ, January 2021

Malware targeting trucking companies isn’t an IT issue. ‘It’s everybody’s issue’
CCJ, January 2021

IMPROVING FREIGHT VISIBILITY: C&M Forwarding grows business with freight management system
After evaluating several transportation management systems to replace its legacy system, in late 2017 C&M Forwarding began implementing the FACTS freight management solution from Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI). The company went live on the fully integrated operations and financial software in February 2018.
FleetOwner, January 2021

Vaccine Logistics: Fleets Find Opportunity in Crisis
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 2021

Automated Freight Dimensioning Works with Facts LTL Software
Despite turbulent times, carriers investing in technology are weathering the storm and planning for the future.
Heavy Duty Trucking, December 2020

Navigating Uncertainty | A Guest Post By Carrier Logistics, Inc.
Carrier Logistics has integrated its Facts freight management system with the FreightSnap dimensioning solution. The company said the new integrated systems increase terminal operations efficiencies, shipment revenues, and automation.
DDC FPO Solutions, December 2020

Carrier Logistics Inc. Integration with FreightSnap Automates Freight Dimensioning For LTL Carriers
CLI enhances invoicing accuracy and load planning with the FreightSnap automated shipment dimensioning solution
Fleet News Daily, December 2020

CLI and FreightSnap automate freight dimensioning for LTL carriers
CLI enhances invoicing accuracy and load planning with the FreightSnap automated shipment dimensioning solution
AJOT, December 2020

JB Hunt sets out on expedition for final-mile acquisitions
Transport Dive, December 2020

El transporte de vacunas Pfizer requerirá algo más que camiones refrigerados
Publicado por jmescrod, December 2020

Pfizer’s vaccine transport requires more than just reefer trucks
Transport Dive, December 2020

Northeast LTL operator turns to Carrier Logistics Inc to boost efficiency and productivity
AJOT, December 2020

COVID vaccines, even at -70 Celcius, will need to be trucked around the country — Here’s what that entails
CCJ, November 2020

Tech update: gaining visibility of driver risk, electric reefers, freight rates
CCJ, October 2020

CLI improves LTL operations with an augmented dock management board
American Journal of Transportation, October 2020

Shippers, Retailers Work to Spread Out Holiday Surge Season to Ease Capacity Constraint
Transport Topics, October 2020

Carriers Prepare for Increasing Surge to Supply Chain in E-Commerce Push
Transport Topics, October 2020

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Trucking innovations range from the crude to the sophisticated
Today’s Trucking- Blog, July 2020

Fleets use tech to optimize loads
SEO Blog, June 2020

Carrier Logistics introduces AI tool to assist during Coronavirus pandemic
DC Velocity, May 2020

Kroger hires 100,000 workers in eight weeks—Covid-19 roundup for May 18
Heavy Duty Trucking, May 2020

Carrier Logistics’ New Tool Automates COVID Planning
Heavy Duty Trucking, May 2020

Carrier Logistics offering AI tool to assist clients during the COVID crisis
AJOT, May 2020

Coronavirus pushes fleets to rethink the last mile
The pandemic has thrown a wrench into route optimization planning and could accelerate e-commerce in the long term.
Transport Dive, April 2020

Don’t Let Your Trucking Data Be Held Hostage
Heavy Duty Trucking, March 2020

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Focusing on the future keeps AMA ahead
Fleetowner, January 2020

Real-Time Location Systems: A Moving Target for IoT
IoT World Today, January 2020

How Freight Visibility is Evolving
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 2020

Perspective: Succession Planning for Tech Transitions
Transport Topics, December 2019

Weekly tech news: cash is king, but safety comes first
CCJ Commercial Carrier Journal, December 2019

Moran Transportation opts to Buy not Build – Realizes Rapid ROI
LTL carrier is seeing countless benefits with transportation and freight management software from Carrier Logistics Inc.
Fleet News Daily, December 2019

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Small but Growing Carriers Make Leap From Spreadsheets to TMS Software
Transport Topics, November 2019

Asset tracking: High-tech ways to protect cargo
American Trucker, October 2019

Freight matching machine: fleets use new tech to optimize loads
CCJ Commercial Carrier Journal, October 2019

Retailers, Logistics Firms Establish Warehouses Closer to Cities
Goal Is to Meet Demand for Fast Delivery
Transport Topics, October 2019

Seamless service for growth
Pace Motor Lines Investing in technology, people to continue success of LTL operation
Fleetowner, October 2019

Carrier Logistics Commits to Cybersecurity Fortifications
LTL freight management software provider switches platform to ISCorp private secure cloud service and authorizes new data protection measures
Carrier Logistics Press Release, September 24, 2019

Tough Freight Market Compels 3rd Generation LTL Owner to Upgrade Technology
Transportation services provider adopts FACTS freight management software to meet operational needs and improve business processes
Carrier Logistics Press Release, August 28, 2019

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Tough Freight Market Compels 3rd Generation LTL Owner to Upgrade Technology
Fleet News Daily, August 2019

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Document Automation Puts Trucking Back Office in Fast Lane
Transport Topics, July 2019

Carrier Logistics Names New Chi
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The ABCs of Emerging Transport Technologies
Transport Topics, January 2019

Opinion: The ABCs of Emerging Transport Technologies
Transport Topics, January 2019

Carrier Logistics Names New Chief Technology Officer
Heavy Duty Trucking, November 2018

Carrier Logistics user group talks future of trucking
CCJ, November 2018

Wiesen Appointed President at Carrier Logistics, Inc.
Transport Topics, October 2018

TMS: Upgrade, Update, Integrate 
Heavy Duty Trucking, July 2018

Carrier Logistics Issues Upgrade for LTL Software
April 2018

Carrier Logistics Inc. Announces User Group Conference In Chicago, Oct. 4-5, 2018
February 2018

Commercial Carrier Journal: Fleets retooling to meet the expectations of e-commerce
CCJ, February 2018

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