Moran Transportation is using the latest technology from Carrier Logistics Inc. to deliver better service to their customers

“There are a lot of things in CLI FACTS that make our operation easier and more efficient. Its automated and exception management capabilities, and its seamless workflow architecture, mean relatively fewer people can handle our existing business and our growth. Its high level of accuracy saves time and its reporting tools help eliminate potential problems. FACTS is a key part of the improvement we’ve seen in customer and employee satisfaction. CLI provides an exceptional product and they have been very flexible and responsive to our ideas and suggestions, as well as very aggressive about meeting our needs.”
– Mike Moran, President — Moran Transportation Corp.

Moran TransportationMoran Challenges: To properly determine rates, equipment needs and accessorial charges.

Using third-party providers and EDI-based data exchange for load information, Moran Transportation found that as much as 45% of its freight bills required adjustments compared to data provided by customers. Inaccurate or incomplete delivery location information also hampered their ability to correctly rate shipments and dispatch the correct equipment.

To reduce dock errors that led to misdirected freight.
In its fast-paced cross dock operations, Moran Transportation was experiencing errors in freight handling that were having a significant impact on costs and the ability to provide on-time deliveries.

To enable visibility into its operations and more effectively manage freight and transportation.
Recognizing the need for data-driven technology to enhance visibility and improve its effectiveness and productivity, Moran Transportation sought an all-inclusive and comprehensive freight and asset management solution for managing its growing LTL operation.

The Solution: Five years ago, Moran Transportation turned to Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) to implement its FACTS freight management software. FACTS includes a range of modules and integrations and a full back-office suite for meeting the needs of asset-based LTL carriers. Included are dispatch, routing, rate engine, and cross dock management solutions, as well as integrations enabled by CLI.

Based on its initial success with FACTS, Moran has added the CLI LOC-AI module that automatically provides information on over 115 categories of pick-up and delivery locations. The details for each shipment are fully integrated into shipment entry and rating modules.

Moran is also deploying the CLI Dock Management System. The solution for improving cross dock efficiency and reducing misloads will initially be used at the carrier’s largest terminal with 100 doors and may be expanded to other existing and new facilities.

The Result: Generating revenue by accurately determining pick-up and delivery location requirements, and load dimension and weight data.

Moran Transportation is using LOC-AI to automate shipment location information so it can correctly apply accessorial charges, and more effectively plan and dispatch the right equipment. CLI has also automated the integration of data from the carrier’s freight dimension technology for accurately measuring and weighing shipments.

Eliminating costly misdirected freight.

The CLI Dock Management System at Moran Transportation improves accuracy and control by directing freight to the right door and truck, and by reducing the number of misloads or the delivery of partial loads by flagging incomplete orders. With seamless and automated cross dock freight handling, the CLI solution is already reducing costs and leading to an improved customer experience.

Driving down costs by improving efficiency and productivity
With CLI FACTS, Moran Transportation has seen administrative time and cost savings by implementing automated processes for rating, billing and dispatching, including enabling a single dispatcher to manage as many as 95 trucks from a single terminal. An additional source of cost reduction is being realized from the ability to give customers the self-service capability for scheduling pickups and deliveries.

“CLI’s LOC-AI solution and its Dock Management System help capture revenue, improve labor management and productivity, and give us an added measure of control in a fast-paced environment. In this industry, moving data can be as important as moving freight. With CLI we can base decisions on data, and by knowing where freight needs to go and the type of equipment needed to get it there on time we have fewer misfires, better accountability for
everyone and lower costs.”
– Mike Moran, President — Moran Transportation Corp.

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