A list of interesting industry related articles that were published over the years. For more current publications, please visit our Industry News page.

Saved by the Cloud

Commercial Carrier Journal, November 2012

Software Systems Help Warehouses, Carriers Move Freight Quickly, Accurately, Users Say

Transport Topics, September 2012

Competing in a Difficult Economy

Transport Topics, August 2012

Trucking? There’s an app for that!

Heavy Duty Trucking, August 2012

New Dock Management System from CLI

Trucking Info, June 2012

Carrier Logistics Enhances Dock System

Transport Topics, June 2012

Special Services from Your LTL

World Trade, May 2012

9 Ways to Make Your Numbers Count

Heavy Duty Trucking, April 2012

Mapping and Dispatching: New Capabilities Include Improved Control of Dispatching, Ease of Use

Transport Topics, February 2012

Technology Pioneer Braxton Vick To Address Carrier Logistics Inc. User Conference April 26-27

Carrier Logistics, January 2012

Big Fleet functionality for Small Fleets

Heavy Duty Trucking, December 2011

Qualcomm Warns OEMs Are Aiming For Cut of In-Cab Electronics Market

Transport Topics, December 2011

Business Process Management

Transport Topics, October 2011

Carrier Logistics Offers Free Upgrade For Dispatch Software

Commercial Carrier Journal, October 2011

Carrier Logistics Enhances Mapping and Dispatch System

Trucking Info, October 2011

Tracking for Smaller Fleets

Heavy Duty Trucking, September 2011

No service diversity, no growth: Consultant

Today’s Trucking, May 2011

Expert Defines Keys to Growth in Trucking Industry at Conference

Trucking Info, May 2011

Mike Molitoris Of Volvo Added As Featured Speaker To Carrier Logistics User Conference

Trucking Info, April 2011

Satish Jindel to Keynote CLI User Conference

World Trade, February 2011

Technology ln the next decade: Safety and productivity will drive advancements

Heavy Duty Trucking, January 2011

Carrier Logistics integrates Cheetah wireless technology

Commercial Carrier Journal, December 2010

Carrier Logistics to host free webinar

Commercial Carrier Journal, October 2010

Trucking Tech Seizes the Day

Transport Topics, October 2010

Eastern Connection replaces legacy system with Carrier Logistics

Commercial Carrier Journal, September 2010

Broadband Telephoning: It’s OK Now

Transport Topics, August 2009

Making Choices in In-Cab Technology

Transport Topics, August 2009

Giving The Old System The Boot: Lessons learned from a technology upgrade

Today’s Trucking, August 2010

Carrier Logistics Inc. Introduces Upgrade To Its Facts Total Freight Management

The Journal of Commerce, December 2009

Cell Phones, Handhelds Can be Useful Tools to Stay Connected With Drivers

Heavy Duty Trucking, August 2009

Technology Trends are Making the Return On Investment in Fleet management Software More Attractive Than Ever

Heavy Duty Trucking, August 2009

Survive the Slump: Invest in Technology

Transport Topic, August 2009

Broadband Telephoning: It’s OK Now

Transport Topics, August 2009

Making Choices in In-Cab Technology

Transport Topics, August 2009

Software Companies Help Trucking Companies Gain Snapshot of Their Financial Performance

Transportation Topics, July 2008

Value-Added Services Mean Loyal Customers
Transport Topics, May 2008

Software by Subscription Substitutes for Ownership
Transport Topics, April 2008

Execs Say Cross-Docking Can Help Build Business

Transportation Topics, February 2008

Just Like Buying a Truck
Transport Topics, December 2007 by Marco Beghetto

The IT Gift
Transport Topics iTECH, December 2006 / January 2007

Internet Telephony May Offer “Tremendous” Savings, Expert Says
(Article based on a session from CLI’s 2006 Leadership Summit)
Transport Topics, October 16th, 2006

Surviving a Systems Crash
Transport Topics, October 2006

A Good Website Boosts Sales and Marketing 
Transport Topics, December 2005

Customs to Require E-Manifest for Freight Entering the US 
Transport Topics, December 2005

Westchester County Business Journal: Spotlight on Software Firm
August 2005

Surviving a Season of Runaway Fuel Costs
Transport Topics, June 2005

Logistics and Technology: Caught in the Web
Traffic World, May 2005

Carrier’s Client DHL, and the value they found in our FACTS™ system
Transport Topics, April 2005

Opinion: Let’s Meet on the Web
Transport Topics, July 2004

Progress Corporation Market Review 
Summit Strategies, April 2003

Getting the Most Out of Fleet Management 
Transport Topics iTech, March/April 2003

New England Carrier Embraces Technology 
Heavy Duty Trucking, September 2002

What to Look For When Choosing an IT System
Transport Topics, July 2001