JA Frate eliminated inefficiencies, more effectively managing growth and realizing customer service benefits, by using Carrier Logistics FACTS.

“We chose CLI because the FACTS software was capable of supporting both our asset-based and brokerage businesses. Before, we had two separate databases and systems, one for each part of the company, which was very inefficient from a back-office perspective and for our customers because it required duplication of effort. We are a full- service transportation provider and CLI not only has the best solution for our operations, it provides a better experience for our customers.”
– Jill Dinsmore, President, JA Frate, Inc.

JA Frate

JA Frate Challenges: Eliminate inefficiencies and more effectively manage growth.

Averaging 1,000 loads daily, JA Frate was using a software package that had two separate databases for its asset and non-asset-based businesses. The resulting inefficient administrative processes required duplication of effort for onboarding new customers and hampered its ability to be a single source of a full range of transportation services for its shippers.

To reduce administrative time and improve customer service, JA Frate needed an integrated solution that could provide real-time access, simplify procedures, and streamline planning. The software would also need to allow customers to access shipment and invoice information and have the ability to receive rate quotes and book loads with any part of the JA Frate operation in one portal.

The Solution: In 2014, JA Frate began using FACTS transportation and freight management software from Carrier Logistics, Inc. (CLI)to support its asset-based LTL and brokerage operations. Carrier Logistics’ FACTS is the premier solution for meeting the unique transportation and freight management needs of asset-based LTL carriers and the last-mile industry.

FACTS, available via the Cloud or on premise, bundles more than 20 essential modules that automate operations and manage processes. The enterprise solution includes online customer shipping tools, dispatch and driver management, a rate engine, cross dock management, and a full back-office suite. Carrier Logistics was able to provide one system that met the needs of both of JA Frate’s businesses.

Today, JA Frate is using FACTS to run paperless. Their drivers use an automated Proof of Delivery (POD) process to capture electronic signatures on Android devices. The electronic POD, which can be sent by the driver to a customer’s email address on the spot, is uploaded to the FACTS database almost instantly, giving their customers real time delivery visibility.

JA Frate is actively deploying CLI’s enhanced Dock Management Board, which graphically displays trailer loading and unloading activity at their cross dock facility. The updated CLI technology guides the dock workers and ensures each shipment is loaded on the correct trailer, improving efficiency and eliminating misloads.

The Result: By replacing an outdated system with a comprehensive, highly efficient transportation and freight management solution from Carrier Logistics, JA Frate is saving administrative time, improving customer service, and more effectively managing and driving growth.

JA Frate customers are taking full advantage of the full service web site driven by FACTS, which allows them to quote, ship, and track with just a few clicks. By using the easily implemented, automated and integrated solutions with CLI FACTS software, JA Frate customers can access all of their shipments, invoices, and information in one web portal rather than needing two separate platforms. They also have visibility of their freight throughout all of JA’s divisions resulting in a smooth, streamlined experience and a vastly more efficient process for customers.

The single FACTS database for asset and non-asset based operations at JA Frate also cuts in half the time it took previously took to onboard new customers.

The operations team at JA Frate has deployed CLI’s route optimization technology, using FACTSMaps that provide real time visibility to delays and traffic disruptions as well as truck and shipment locations. This capability allows for enhanced delivery forecasting, which drives up customer satisfaction.

Management reporting at JA Frate has been simplified and automated, reducing pressure on administrative staff.

JA Frate Case StudyWith paperless POD processes enabled by integrations with FACTS, JA Frate is reducing significant administrative time each night. The time savings include cutting two hours of route planning time by eliminating the need to print delivery receipts and more than one hour by simplifying the driver check-in process because there is no longer a need to scan and index POD paperwork.

“With paperless Proof of Delivery processes and several fully integrated management solutions with its FACTS software, CLI is saving us many hours of administrative labor time each night for route planning time and simplifying the driver check-in process. The solution also cut in half the time it took previously to onboard new customers and allows shippers to access all of their information in one web portal rather than needing two separate platforms. It was CLI‘s partnerships and their ability to easily implement integrated solutions that were the key to making this work.”
– Kathleen Anderson, Office/Project Manager, JA Frate, Inc.

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