With Carrier Logistics, Frontline Freight has realized significant revenue growth and a sizable increase in daily shipments

“Carrier Logistics is what allowed us to more than triple our annual revenue and today it continues to be central to our success. We realized a quick return on investment in the FACTS freight management system and it’s been driving our growth ever since.”
– Matt Hunter, Executive Vice President, Frontline Freight, Inc.

Frontline Challenges: To drive revenue growth without increasing administrative costs.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in City of Industry, California, Frontline Freight. Inc. is a long haul LTL services provider. The asset-light based company consolidates approximately 400 less-than-truckload shipments daily. Using about 45 carrier partners nationwide, it serves customers in the continental United States.

With an existing dispatch and operations platform, Frontline Freight was unable to integrate automated rating and pricing with its enterprise management system, slowing its ability to take advantage of opportunities to grow.

Additionally, the software did not provide visibility which resulted in shipper, 3PL and carrier partners unable to access load and schedule information, and communication with carriers was limited to time-consuming separate email and text-based solutions.

The Solution: After evaluating a number of offerings, in December 2009 Frontline Freight chose to implement the FACTS freight management system from Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI).

Today, Frontline Freight is using the FACTS operations and financial solution to automate pricing and rating, including fuel surcharges and accessorial costs. Through integrations with carrier and 3PL partners, FACTS also automates pick-up and delivery dispatch activity.

For shippers, 3PLs and brokers, FACTS provides visibility into detailed shipment and load information. Stakeholders using the solution can access information in the freight management system online and on smart phones and tablets.

The enterprise transportation and freight management system from CLI is a fully integrated operations and financial solution designed for use in traditional multiterminal, high volume, high shipment environments as well as in non-asset and asset-light based organizations.

No matter which type of transportation provider, companies around the globe have successfully deployed FACTS to manage all administrative and operations functions related to running a trucking and distribution business.

The Result: Significant growth in revenue and shipments at a lower cost.

With the FACTS freight management system from Carrier Logistics, Frontline Freight has achieved three-fold growth in annual revenue.

The solution enables the company to cost effectively and productively manage a tremendous increase in the number of shipments it handles daily.

With FACTS, the company’s administrative costs as a percentage of revenue are lower and the growth in its business required a smaller increase in staff.

“Carrier Logistics gives us the tools we need so our administrative expenses are a much smaller percentage of revenue. With the FACTS freight management system, we’re handling exponentially more daily shipments without needing to even double our staff.”

– Tony Esparza, Vice President of Operations, Frontline Freight, Inc.

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