FACTS™-MultiMode is a comprehensive multi-faceted shipping system to manage and track freight from quote all the way through to delivery. FACTS™-MultiMode was developed for logistics companies to control shipments that will be picked up and delivered by various modes of transport.

Non-asset-based companies use the system to schedule pickups and deliveries of shipments seamlessly, as though the third-party carriers are part of the company. Brokerage firms can use the system to track freight movement as well as billing information. Asset-based companies use the system to manage shipments tendered to other carriers. All companies can use the system to report on shipment profitability.


  • Generate a quote, create an order, and cut a freight bill all in one step
  • Provide information on shipment profitability
  • Access various views of your shipments
  • Convert quotes to active pickup with email confirmation
  • Generate carrier payments
  • Create invoices complete with rates
  • Send shipment history to customers via email
  • Access historical information for both customer and carrier performance

Easily manage and track freight from quote all the way through to delivery with our comprehensive, multi-faceted shipping system FACTS™-MultiMode. 

City and Highway Dispatch

High-volume Freight and Express businesses around the globe rely on our multi-stop, multi-terminal software to drive their operation. Long known in the industry as ROUTRONICS™, CLI’s P&D dispatch system is designed specifically for your inter-city pickup and delivery operation. Designed to accommodate the high volumes inherent in the freight logistics world, our P&D Dispatch has functionality that no one else offers out of the box.


  • Global Views™ provides a unique visualization of all orders currently in the system
  • Stops can be managed at a national, regional, terminal, or route level
  • All orders get routed using CLI’s Decision Support, a built-in geo-coded database
  • Color-coded system alerts keep your dispatchers proactive to exceptions and delays
  • Daily stops and orders specific to the current day’s operation auto-populate the dispatch board
  • This advanced automation allows your dispatchers to focus more on driver management and less on clerical tasks

FACTSTM Complete Highway Dispatch

Carrier Logistics’ Highway System is a Linehaul and Equipment Management application designed to aid in the coordination and control of trailer moves within ground transportation companies. The module is composed of several utilities to manage highway moves between one terminal/depot and another, making it easy to control, monitor, and track all rolling stock and resources within your organization. Dispatchers can rely on real-time decision support to make the best use of your routes, equipment, and drivers.


  • Single or multiple trips can be pre-scheduled or created on the fly
  • Select drivers and equipment based on availability
  • See drive times and ETAs between stops
  • Record driver notes and specific trip instructions
  • Track all relevant information needed for detailed driver pay or settlement records
  • Update dispatch and arrival trips all from the same screen 

Route Planning

A key component to the success of any multi-stop freight operation is the ability to properly plan and balance routes prior to loading your trailers. FACTS™ Decision Support facilitates the planning of a driver’s workload long before the delivery or pickup has even been scheduled. At the heart of the FACTSTM is the concept of grid or geo-coded-based routing. Grid-based routing is a systematic scheme of pickup and delivery route planning based on your service area’s historical and geographic information.

The system will pinpoint the location of every stop — even for first-time customers — and will assign stops to drivers, taking into consideration such factors as the location of the consignee, number of pieces and weight of the shipment, special customer requirements, special handling requirements, and arrival times. This is all done behind the scenes. If workload varies depending on the day of the week, week of the month, or month of the year, with proper setup you can produce different route plans in which routes can be consolidated, dropped, or added to your standard plan. Using “Delivery Support,” the routes can be further balanced and sequenced to better optimize the day’s operation.


  • See what the system has planned for your drivers before they start their day
  • Auto-logic removes the guesswork as to whose route a stop belongs to
  • Drag and drop stops from one route to another when making changes on the fly
  • Shipment info can be displayed many different ways
  • Once verified by dispatch, route plans can be sent to drivers automatically in real time
  • Route planning is complemented by our Location Intelligence digital mapping tool

FACTS™ Decision Support facilitates the planning of a driver’s workload long before the delivery or pickup has even been scheduled.

Location Intelligence

Complement FACTS ROUTRONICS™ with FACTSMap™, CLI’s Location Intelligence System that will permit real-time vehicle route management and truck dispatching. Our mapping application transforms large amounts of data into color-coded visual representations of your current operation to make it easy to spot trends and make decisions right from the map.

By plotting all stop locations and company assets on a geographic display, FACTSMap™ will allow you to build and adjust your operation in real time. The system will even let you optimize your routes for drive time. Drill down from a regional view to an individual stop location.

Use GPS tracking to experience real-time updating of driver locations to expedite problem-solving and automate the dispatching process. FACTSMap™ will improve decision-making and productivity, giving you a competitive edge over non-atlas-supported routing and dispatch systems.

Utilize real-time vehicle management, automated dispatching, and location intelligence with FACTS ROUTRONICS™ and  FACTSMap™. 

Dock Management

Complement your dock operation with DMS, Carrier Logistics’ FACTS™ Dock Management System. Whether for inbound or outbound freight, DMS improves dock productivity, enhances loading efficiency, reduces misdirects, and increases worker accountability. DMS controls freight movement from the time it arrives at the dock to the time it is back on the road again. DMS knows the exact location of the shipment, records the info in pro history, and provides a record of every piece of freight passing through your facility.

Additional value comes from knowing where your freight is and who loaded it. All scanning information is recorded in the pro history for real-time tracking. CLI’s DMS advanced dock management software will take the guesswork out of your business.


  • Cut down on the amount of paper that travels on the dock
  • Improve revenue by eliminating unbilled freight
  • Provide real-time freight tracking both internally and over the web
  • Provide customer service with accurate information and eliminate manual dock checks
  • Hold dock workers accountable by capturing employee errors and labor discrepancies
  • Reduce claims costs by providing instant over or shortage reporting
  • Improve dock efficiency by managing employee productivity automatically
  • Cut lost time by improving load planning and freight staging
  • Create alerts for high-profile freight
  • Scan at the shipment or piece level

CLI’s DMS advanced dock management software will take the guesswork out of your business. Learn more by connecting to a CLI representative here, or send an email to sales@carrierlogistics.com.