Carrier/Agent Payables

CLI offers a reconciliation program to verify carrier invoices and create an AP Voucher to set up payment to carriers. Carrier charges are recorded from probills and trip information processed by our highway system. The posting of a probill records the carrier cost and liability along with the revenue.

When a carrier presents a statement or probill for payment, our Carrier/Agent Payables process is used to compare probills to the carrier’s statement or probill. If the accrual is not correct, the payment amount can be updated to set up the proper payable and write off any difference.


  • Ensures the invoices received are matched up to probills that have been posted
  • Tracks payments to carriers and agents
  • Allows a user to adjust the payment amount and write off any disparities between probill and carrier statement, as in accounts receivable, where open items reflect the net of transactions to display the balance due
  • Inquiries show balance due and all transactions that have been created and sorted by carrier, reference (pro number, trip number, group number) and C/L number
  • Changes to an incorrect carrier or agent can be easily reapplied to the correct party without adjusting and rebilling the original probill
  • Write-offs can be done as a group rather than having to be reconciled individually
  • Items for a particular carrier and date range can be automatically reconciled and a voucher for payment can be created

Billing and Invoicing

Shipment Billing is part of our core system, as it is considered an integral part of enterprise-level logistics software. Freight bills can be entered manually via EDI or automatically through our online shipping system. Data pulled directly from dispatch and/or driver communication devices will produce a skeleton bill that, in most situations, will produce enough detail to begin route planning and load manifesting before the freight has reached your facility. All the biller needs to do is verify the information against the original paperwork, as the system will automatically code the bill-to information and apply the correct rates. An audit process will ensure that your customers pay the correct rate, including all accessorial and surcharges, each and every time.


  • Integrates in real time with our financial package
  • Billing information can be easily viewed from our tracing screen
  • Bills can be cut and orders dispatched at the same time
  • The system maintains invoicing preferences by customer
  • For each account, the program manages separate addresses for shipment, invoicing, statements, and sales analysis
  • Billers can consolidate bills into a single freight bill with one freight charge
  • Customer-specific billing instructions can be referenced during data entry
  • Data entry statistical reports are maintained (bills entered/hour etc.)

 Driver Pay Settlements

CLI has launched an enhanced version of our Driver Pay Settlements Module. While the core module covers the standard functionality all carriers require, we take it one step further — for each and every account — by tailoring the application to encompass the unique characteristics of your business. So if you’re looking to gain more control over how your drivers and owner-operators are paid, whether it be by percentage of revenue, by the mile, or on an hourly basis, let us ensure that your largest company asset — your drivers — get the correct deductions and allowances they are entitled to each and every time.


  • Handles several means of payment, including hourly, cwt, percentage of revenue, and by mile
  • Allocates any and all accessorial revenue to the correct drivers
  • Deductions can be made one time or on a reoccurring basis by pay period
  • Capable of customer-specific calculations
  • Calculations can be based on type of driver
  • A variety of reporting features

Our Driver Pay Settlements Module is tailored to your unique business needs and optimizes your driver payment functionality.

Rate Engine and Deal Management

FACTS™ is extremely flexible in the establishment of pricing levels. In addition to conventional per-cwt pricing, FACTS™ supports rating on the basis of per pallet, per piece, per mile, per time increment, per kilogram, per cube, AQ (Any Quantity), Flat, and Progressive programs (as an example, a flat price for the first unit of measure and then a progressively changing level of pricing that is added to the previously determined pricing). The structure of FACTS™ enables the creation of additional units of measure as desired. We also support Markup/Cost Plus pricing on the basis of your internal business rules. Our application allows our clients to design and load their own customized tariffs, as well as provides an interface to products such as SMC3 RateWare suite, which allows the user to acquire access to rate levels published by SMC3, such as the CZAR tariffs, as well as the tariffs published by numerous carriers, such as Yellow Freight, Old Dominion, etc., which are available in the SMC3 library.

While the robust rate engine is included in the FACTS application, it can also be integrated into any legacy system, allowing you to reap the benefits without adopting an entirely new TMS.


  • Deal management offers an extra level of accuracy
  • Significantly improves accuracy by automating day-to-day tasks
  • Covers all aspects of transportation rate contracts and markups, including discounts and accessorial charges
  • Utilizes a number of factors including, but not limited to, weight, pallets, piece counts, miles, cube, dimensions, and time — in both a straight methodology as well as progressively determined rates
  • Rate Tables can be constructed on the basis of zip or postal codes (1 through 5 digits as required), state names, terminal locations, city/state combinations
  • Has the ability to create and define territorial regions and utilize them as Rate Areas within tariffs
  • Multiple accounts can all be associated to a single Rate Customer, thus greatly simplifying the maintenance of pricing by having a single point of maintenance 

Financial Accounting

FACTS™ includes a complete financial suite. Designed specifically for the logistics industry, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and a complete General Ledger are all part of the system and are owned and supported by CLI. All modules are fully integrated to the rest of FACTS™ for real-time visibility across the entire system.

Information flows in real time between all modules, and the application is designed to eliminate repetitive tasks while maintaining specific information on customers, service preferences, and pricing. Most of the parameters set up in the system are defined by the user so that the application reacts to current needs but is flexible enough to be changed on the fly. The system was designed and enhanced over the years to encompass a level of functionality rarely seen in an “out of the box” application.


  • Real-time updating and reporting makes the transactional process seamless
  • Manages sales commissions
  • Contains robust invoicing, posting, and payable programs as part of the core system
  • FACTS™ offers a comprehensive DB of information on customers and partners
  • Handles all financial components for both traditional carriers and non-asset based brokers and 3PL providers

Get more info about our complete financial suite inside FACTS™ and improve the visibility into your system by connecting with a CLI representative here or sending an email to