FACTSwebTM Complete Online Client Services

CLI is committed to having all pertinent information available on the web. So we complemented our enterprise system with FACTSweb™, our enterprise-level web software where all pertinent details and tools for creating shipments and viewing account details are at a client’s fingertips.

Features include:

  • Shipment tracing
  • Order entry
  • The viewing of freight charges
  • Real-time rate quotes
  • Transit time inquiries
  • Accounts receivable and payment inquiries
  • Management reporting

Empower your customers to use the web to log pickup requests, as well as to cut bills of lading and print them out while the system automatically routes their pickup request to the driver or carrier assigned to their account. Also designed for your partners, empower your agents or interline carriers to provide POD and delivery updates and view their revenue split and tendered freight. Enjoy the freedom of offering 24/7 access to pertinent shipment details anywhere, anytime — even from your smartphone.

Functions include:

  • Online tracing
  • Automated email alerts
  • Pickup and bill of lading completion
  • Multi-carrier rate quote
  • Weekly invoice report
  • Transit time calculator
  • Detailed shipment report
  • Shipment activity by customer

FACTSwebTM Complete Online Client Services will empower your customers, partners, agents, and carriers! 

Management Reporting

CLI knows that no matter how good your Freight Management System is, it has little value if you can’t measure what you manage. That’s why, in addition to the hundreds of canned reports that are available, we now offer both your employees and customers dynamic report writers. Either online or through the system, anyone who has security clearance can design, save, and run user-specific reports on service, sales, operations, and financial data quickly and easily without an external report writer OR having to ask your IT department to run a query.

Reports get produced instantaneously, and most can be shared by email or downloaded to MS Excel. The data is always the most current and can be run easily, tailored to meet your specific needs.

The following reporting mechanisms are currently offered both internally and via the web:

  • Sales Reports
  • Business Analytic Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Financial Reports

If this isn’t enough, we welcome you to design your own reports. FACTS™ is fully “Open,” and any standard ODBC-compliant third-party reporting tool may be used to query the tables in the DB.


  • Current library has hundreds of canned reports for all areas of your operation
  • Dynamic reporting tools create reports with only the information needed by the user
  • Once designed, reports can be saved for future use
  • Many reports can be scheduled to be sent via email on a specific date and time
  • All our reports can be customized to further meet your specific needs
  • Keeps your customers plugged in to their business 24/7 over the web
  • Empowers your employees and sales force by giving them access to their customers’ business
  • Enhanced analysis leads to better decision-making
  • Most reports can be downloaded to Excel for further massaging

Your Freight Management System has little value if you can’t measure what you manage.

Mobile Data Communications

Chances are, you already have a Mobile data system that works for you. Using our FACTSMobile™ technology will guarantee that you can continue to do so. FACTSMobile™ is a non-proprietary mobile messaging component required to interface FACTS™ to third-party wireless providers and networks. This permits CLI to work with any mobile device or wireless vendor of your choice. However, knowing that technology is changing constantly, Carrier Logistics also offers several mobile data communications options to better suit your current and future needs. From simple text messaging to bar code scanning and signature capture, our partnerships with best-of-breed mobile technology providers will ensure you deploy only the finest mobile fleet technology available in the industry today.


  • Being non-proprietary, FACTSMobile™ allows us to work with most mobile vendors
  • FACTSMobile™ permits the use of all current and future mobile technologies
  • Pickup and Delivery information can be pushed down to the device automatically
  • Real-time mobile updates will ensure that all stop and shipment details are available immediately
  • Details can include account and billing info, signature capture, photos, and bar code scanning
  • FACTSMobile™ can be added at any time, as it is not a prerequisite to deploy with our dispatch systems 

In the market for a new solution?

FACTSMobileExpressTM Mobile Communications

CLI, along with our partner Acordex Software, now offers mobile communications to connect your Dispatch operation to a wireless provider and smartphone or tablet of your choice!

FACTSMobileExpress™ is built on the latest in smartphone technology. Once installed, pickup and delivery information can be communicated to and from drivers automatically from most of today’s popular trucking software packages.

Key Features:

  • Runs on most TMS systems
  • Built for the smartphone/tablet of your choice
  • No cellphone texting plan needed
  • Messages delivered instantly using just your cellular data plan
  • Tap-to-Text messaging with notification when drivers are out of range
  • Records truck location data with each shipment update
  • Provides real-time GPS location and stop updates
  • Accessible stop location maps for driver viewing
  • Available photo capture, BOL display, signature capture, and bar code scanning

FACTSMobileExpress™ extracts data from your Transportation Management Software (TMS) and places up-to-the-minute information about every stop literally in the hands of your drivers. This eliminates misunderstandings about routing and scheduling, and in a business where margins are razor thin, reducing costs even a few percentage points can make a huge difference.


  • Menu-driven, easy-to-navigate screens to impress even “old-school” drivers
  • Two-way automated wireless messaging
  • Arrive/Depart times are easily recorded
  • Drivers can enter additional services performed
  • Manages rules for COD or cash shipments to prevent erroneous deliveries
  • Real-time, GPS-enabled driver tracking and directions
  • Instantaneous proof of delivery with signature capture
  • Website integration capable of viewing of signature images
  • Bar Code scanning for real-time tracking
  • Photo Capture for OS&D and Claims
  • Runs on the wireless network of your choice

Already have a Mobile Solution?

Then look at FACTSMobile™. The same software used in conjunction with FACTSMobileExpress™ can be programmed to allow you to interface your dispatch software to other third-party wireless providers and networks of your choice. Our non-proprietary mobile messaging component will ensure your complete independence, as FACTSMobile™ is designed to run agonistically on most hardware and data networks.

From simple text messaging to bar code scanning and signature capture, our partnerships with best-of-breed mobile technology providers will bring you only the finest mobile fleet technology available in the industry today.

[Client was not sure about the placement of these last two topics.]

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

If you’ve been struggling with EDI, CLI has made the process easy by developing our EDI module following ATA ASC X12 Standards. In addition to the reliable (and popular) Version 4010 documents, we support many other versions (ex. 3020, 3040, 3050, 3070, 4020, 4030, 4060). Our most popular transaction sets include 204, 210, 211, 213, 214, 820, 856, 990, and 997.

CLI’s EDI module utilizes user-configured values to “map” Specific EDI codes that are transmitted to your partners (and customers).


  • Status updates and notifications can be sent to partners automatically
  • Updates can be tailored to meet the needs of each partner
  • Configurations can be controlled by the users
  • User-controlled scripts allow you to transmit and retrieve files from partner sites on an automated schedule
  • Allows import of 214, 204, 211, 21, 820, and 997 documents from carriers/customers
  • User control allows you to configure or add new transaction types, with a choice of EDI versions and a variety of partner connectivity options

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for better management of transactions, user configurations, and documentation. Connect with a CLI representative here or by sending an email to sales@carrierlogistics.com.