FACTS Solution

A Fully Integrated Transportation and Logistics Solution for trucking companies and transportation providers

Carrier Logistics has developed FACTS™, an enterprise solution for both asset-based and non-asset-based transportation providers that need to achieve top efficiencies, offer superior customer service, and provide their staff with world class tools.

Our FACTS™ software bundles more than 20 essential modules that handle the lifecycle of each shipment and automate operations, handling processing from order entry to delivery to cash. Companies all over the world use our software to work more efficiently and boost productivity.

FACTS™ is available as a SaaS solution, or you can host it in your own data center and offers many benefits, including:

  • Enterprise-level software
  • A secure hosting option
  • Full integration
  • A graphic interface for superior user experience
  • A tier-one 24/7/365 support program
  • Rapid deployment
  • Customization and continuous expansion
  • Custom-made pricing plans
  • Frequent upgrades protect your investment

FACTSTM offers features that handle: 

Operations for Asset-based LTL Companies

Schedule and track pickups and deliveries of shipments. Learn more here!


Verify invoices and set up payments for carriers, drivers, and agents. Learn more here!

Mobility and Data Management

Create an interface between FACTSTM and your wireless provider to take advantage of multiple forms of communication and data sharing. Learn more here!

Watch videos of our software. View our video library!

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