It is hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us. It has been a very busy start to the 4th quarter at CLI and we are very excited to share CLI highlights with you in this final newsletter of the year. Below, you will read about two of our newest clients, new functionality in FACTS (including optimized routing), our industry involvement, and innovate approaches we are taking to best service our clients.We also appreciate our long-time technology partners, including SMC3, who invited us to speak at the recent Connections conference, and EBE Technologies, who supplied the guest article this month on “Increasing Profitability.”

Let CLI be one of the first to wish you the best during the upcoming holiday season, thank you for your partnership and support.

Short Hauls

Ben Wiesen at SMC3 CLI Participates on Making LTL Cool Again Panel

CLI’s president Ben Wiesen was honored to be on stage at the SMC3 Connections meeting in San Diego when he responded to the question of how to make LTL cool again:

“You are all delivering solutions for your customers. I think we can deliver some solutions to your own staff and make it even cooler.”

Serving on a panel with other industry experts, Wiesen concluded that LTL indeed was never “not” cool, but with the advent of certain technologies changing and shaping the industry, working for an LTL company could be even more exciting and satisfying.

Innovation and automation advances were discussed at length during the informative and thought-provoking discussion. Read a recap here.

Diamond Line Delivery and BSP Trans Join CLI Roster of Clients

Diamond Line DeliveryDiamond Line Delivery is an LTL carrier servicing Oregon, Washington, Utah and Idaho. They offer next-day service between most Metropolitan areas within their network. They also work with a number of partners to offer uninterrupted service across the entire West Coast. Diamond Line is looking forward to using the optimization solutions in the newest release of FACTS.

BSP Trans, a New England-based trucking company, is headquartered in Londonderry, New Hampshire. BSP has earned an outstanding reputation for service by providing coverage to all points in the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont through a six-terminal network, a talented, dedicated employee base and a fleet of equipment. Their customers include manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all kinds, from local companies to international shippers. BSP eagerly awaits the benefits of improved freight visibility for its clients that the FACTS system provides.

Welcome Diamond Line Delivery and BSP Trans!

Carrier Logistics Recognized by Westchester County, NY for its 50 Years in Business

Carrier Logistics Recognized by Westchester County, NY for its 50 Years in Business

A proclamation by George Latimer, county executive of Westchester County, NY celebrated Carrier Logistics’ 50 years in business.

“It is with a proud sense of obligation,” the proclamation reads in part, “that we recognize Carrier Logistics on the occasion of their 50th anniversary for their dedication and commitment to their industry and their vision and leadership.”

The proclamation is framed and hangs proudly in Carrier Logistics’ headquarters in Elmsford, NY.

Featured Articles

CLI Closes Out Its Golden Anniversary:

50 Years of Transportation Technology

The Strongest Link in the Supply Chain

50 Years of Transportation Technology

The movement of freight hasn’t changed very much over time. From the horse drawn wagons of yesteryear to the drone powered deliveries of tomorrow, supply chain is all about moving goods from point A to point B, as efficiently, safely, and economically as possible.

But what has changed is the sheer magnitude of the industry. Supply chain has grown exponentially over the past 50 years. No matter what metric you look at, total tonnage, miles traveled, skus in inventory, the bottom line is that a global economy has experienced hyper growth. The behind- the-scenes technology that facilitates and powers supply chains has evolved in its sophistication to make the complex science of moving goods faster, safer, more cost effective, and more reliable.

One company that has pioneered innovative technology and the development of highly advanced transportation management systems and software is Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI). The story of one of the industry’s oldest and longest-lasting providers of freight transportation management solutions is a window into the evolution of trucking software. Here are three examples of the then and now:

In the 1970’s, when Carrier Logistics was founded, to place an order for transportation a shipper, such as a manufacturer, would pick up the phone and call a carrier, fill out paperwork by hand, and then wait. Because there was no visibility into the status or lifecycle of the shipment, there was no choice but to wait until the goods arrived. Today, the vast majority of freight is booked electronically and automatically, and webservices which provide proactive shipment visibility are the norm. Fortunately, due to online computers, transportation companies can react in real time to any potential disruptions and recover quickly to keep freight moving.

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NEW: Routing Logic & Planning Optimization

Angel Coker, CCJ senior editor
Nov 4, 2022

The AI-driven software module – the latest enhancement to the CLI FACTS freight management system – helps trucking fleet operators determine which deliveries should be loaded onto each truck and in what sequence, creating extremely precise, fully optimized route plans that account for specialty equipment, appointment time windows, predicted traffic and commercial vehicle routing.

Optimized Routing Freight management software provider Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) has introduced a new routing logic and planning optimization solution that enables full terminal optimization, allowing fleets to very quickly and automatically have every shipment for every customer at every terminal planned for the right trailer in the right sequence.

EBE Newsletter

Keys to Increasing Profitability

by Larry Kerr, President, EBE

A key to increasing profitability is within internal processes. As the economic forecast becomes more uncertain and topline revenue is in jeopardy, such efficiencies can be the difference between profitability and loss.

One of the areas to improve efficiency is within the accounts payable process. Departments that are not automated tend to be overstaffed, prone to paying duplicate invoices, incurring late fees and experiencing high Human Resources interaction due to turnover and training. So, what are the advantages of automated AP?EBE

In addition to improved cashflow as well as team member productivity, the following procedures are significantly enhanced when automating the AP process:

Invoice cycle times are among the top accounts payable concerns. This is no surprise when you consider that invoices-paid-to-terms is the top metric against which accounts payables staff is measured.

Automated systems significantly increase on-time payments, which eliminate late-payment penalties, create early payment discount opportunities, strengthen supplier relationships, and provide buyers with greater leverage when it is time to renegotiate contracts with key suppliers.

Lower invoice processing cost is an accounts payable priority. The root of the high costs of invoice processing is that, on average, businesses receive over 60% of their invoices as paper or emails. Manually processing paper invoices results in costly and error-prone keying of invoice information, lost or misplaced invoices, long approval, and exception resolution cycles.

Improve productivity within the AP staff through automation. Accounts payable is the most manual and paper-intensive finance and administration function, and the one that requires the most time and effort, according to the Institute of Finance & Management. Information needs to be manually keyed, and paper documents are required to be physically routed, stored and maintained. In many businesses, paper invoices are handled multiple times during the approval process and are frequently lost or pushed to the bottom.

Provide suppliers with a “view” into the AP process. By providing a portal where suppliers can obtain a self-service view as to a payment status reduces the amount of time AP staff has to answer calls and search for information as compared to a manual system.

Straight-through processing rate provides the greatest efficiencies. In a paper-based accounts payable environment, staff must collect and manually reconcile PO, invoice and payment information. This laborious and time-consuming process is necessary for effective working capital management and helps prevent fraud and duplicate payments. Through automation this manual process becomes a work-by-exception workflow reducing time and labor costs.

These are a few of the many ways that automating your AP process can benefit your organization. In conclusion, automation of the AP process prevents revenue leaks associated with excessive labor, late fee charges and missed early pay discounts improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

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Did Your Know?
CLI has a Catalogue of Training Videos

Training is integral to the correct use of any software system. The survey below, illustrates the importance of training:

Carrier Logistics takes pride in our software and understands the importance of training for both new and legacy users to better understand FACTSTM.

TrainingThat is why we have created an online library of our most popular functions to better educate our community. Classified under different areas, training video categories include:

  • Getting Started
  • Billing & Rating
  • Administrative & Accounting
  • Operations
  • Dock
  • System Administration

Our training videos are critical for understanding and maximizing your use of the FACTS system.

To access the training portal, click here.

“While CLI is energized about this industry and our role in improving technology in trucking, we do have some sad news to share with you. Kevin Juber passed away early in September, leaving a huge hole in our hearts. Kevin Juber was a man of principle, conviction, and action. It is with a heavy heart that we share his obituary in this newsletter.”

Employee Obituary:
Kevin Juber

Kevin JuberKevin F. Juber, 65, of Fuquay-Varina, NC and Tolland, CT, beloved husband and father, passed away following a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his loving family, his wife of 40 years, Linda, three children and two grandchildren.

Kevin was raised in Melvin, IA and attended Iowa State University, obtaining a degree in Business Admin, Transportation. His first job was Rates & Claims Manager for the JC Penney Distribution Center.

Until recently, Kevin served as the Controller for Carrier Logistics, where he had worked since January 2016. Prior to joining CLI, Kevin worked for Palmer Dedicated Logistics and RM Sullivan Trucking for many years.

A person for others, Kevin was a natural at serving his fellow man. Whether it was building a walkway for his church, donating platelets at the blood center or volunteering his time to his community, Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm was devoted to selflessly giving back.

We, at CLI, were fortunate to work with him, admire his dedication and enjoy his friendship. He will be missed by all who knew him and leaves a void in our lives.

For those wishing to make a donation in Kevin’s memory, please contribute to the United Congregational Church of Tolland or donate to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Changing Your Posting Date to Delivery Date

With a system control change (done by CLI staff), you can post by delivery date.With the change, the “Select by:” row will become enabled in the “Posting – Shipments” function.This allows you to choose whether to post by “Ship Date,” “Delivery Date” or “POD Code.”Any questions or if you are interested in enabling this feature, contact Yvan Vasquez.
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