It has been a busy few months here at Carrier Logistics. We’ve welcomed new clients, helped other clients “go live” on the system and also implemented exciting new modules and functionality at some long-time customer sites. This work dovetails nicely with our theme this year of “We are Proactive” because as a company we understand that we can only achieve excellence through collaboration and teamwork. As we have always stated, CLI wants to be your technology partner, not just a software provider.Because we feel so strongly about this partnership, we have recently added several new employees who, as this is being written, are being trained to help our clients get the most out of their FACTS solution.

In this spirit, we invite our clients and partner-vendors to share any news and articles about your organization with us so we in turn can share in future newsletters. It always feels wonderful to share good news!

In the meantime, enjoy the newsletter.

Short Hauls

CLI Sponsors SMC3 Jump Start Conference

Carrier Logistics was once again a proud sponsor at the SMC3 Jump Start conference held in Atlanta.

The annual event provided three days of excellent content, terrific networking and forward-thinking exhibitions. This meeting always creates opportunities for Carrier Logistics leadership to catch up with clients and partners alike.

Pictured above (left to right): Tony Esparza, EVP of Operations at Frontline Freight, Ben Wiesen, President, CLI, Peter Stoianoff, Director of Business Development at C&M Forwarding, John Cesario, VP of Operations, CLI and Mike Erne, Executive Vice President, C & M Forwarding.

US Special Delivery and JP Express Join CLI’s Roster of Clients

US Special Delivery, founded in 1975 and headquartered in Kingsford, Michigan, provides LTL overnight delivery service in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Ontario. The carrier, along with Dohrn Transfer and Ross Express, is part of the POTG (Pitt Ohio Transportation Group) serving customers in Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England states. All three sister companies utilize CLI’s FACTS for their freight management needs.

“When we realized we needed to replace our legacy Transportation Management System (TMS) and invest in updating our management technology, we turned to CLI,” said Terry Reed, president of US Special Delivery.

JP Express is one of the Northeast’s premier regional LTL carriers, providing exceptional pickup and delivery service to the NYC-Metropolitan area. The company, founded in 1988, has grown from two straight trucks to over 500 pieces of equipment operating through a network of five state-of-the-art service centers, all located within their primary service area of 75 miles around midtown Manhattan. JP Express has thrived by developing a culture of personalized service for all of its customers, large or small, while mastering the art of pickup and delivery within the Tri-state area.

Calvin Groves, director of pricing and information technology, said, “The choice was clear for us. CLI has the functionality and team to help JP Express continue to grow into an industry leader.”

Welcome US Special Delivery and JP Express!

Carrier Logistics Continues to Roll Out Version 12 of its FACTS Software

CLI is the midst of installing its latest release of the FACTS solution at all client sites. In addition to its range of management tools, the latest version of FACTS features several new optimization and automation capabilities.

“With FACTS V12 we are overlaying the incredible product we already have with the value that comes from having an analytical view of data, the advances that AI brings to the table, and the automation of routine and non-routine freight and asset management processes,” said Ben Wiesen, president of CLI. “Over the decades, we’ve built an incredibly robust, functional and in-depth solution for managing the business of an LTL carrier. FACTS V12 continues to provide that functionality and sophistication and builds on that foundation to propel our clients forward with new technological approaches.”

If you would like to schedule your no-charge upgrade, reach out to CLI Support.

Featured Articles

CLI Customers Benefit from New Integration with SMC³’s LTL APIs

CLI has completed development work to fully integrate with LTL APIs from SMC³. The new integration will benefit customers using FACTS freight management software by automating the handling of LTL shipments with other capacity providers.

“The nature of LTL freight transportation involves complex supply chain logistics that our asset-based clients address every day to efficiently move goods for shippers,” said Ben Wiesen, president of CLI. “But those carriers sometimes need to provide services outside the geographical footprint they cover with their own trucks and drivers. When their shippers are looking for a single provider with a one-stop solution, the integration we’ve enabled in our FACTS freight management system with SMC³’s LTL APIs simplifies the selection of a capacity provider with the ability to move a shipment.”

“With our integration to SMC³’s LTL APIs we offer our customers a powerful solution for solving logistics challenges,” Wiesen added. “This integration with SMC3 provides our clients easy and quick access to transact with the growing list of carriers who are integrated into SMC³’s platform. CLI integrated with SMC³ to provide customers with automation as they work with freight transportation solutions outside their asset-based network.”

Through the seamless integration with FACTS, in near real-time, CLI customers can use the SMC³ LTL APIs solution to connect and communicate with the expansive number of LTL carriers in the SMC³ network to:

  • Electronically find carriers with capacity, schedules and equipment that meet their shippers’ needs
  • Receive quotes from multiple carriers to find the provider who offers the right mix of cost and service
  • Dispatch orders to capacity providers
  • Receive automated track-and-trace updates on in-transit shipments
  • View and download digital documents including weight certification, proof of delivery, bills of lading, and other critical shipment information

“Driven by the requirement for real-time visibility and connectivity, CLI is using our LTL APIs to offer their customers an integrated next-generation solution, with full visibility across the entire shipment lifecycle,” said Brian Thompson, chief commercial officer at SMC³. “With this new opportunity, we are leveraging our combined expertise and trustworthiness in the industry and extending our relationship with CLI to offer users a winning combination.”

What is Ransomware and What Can I Do to Protect my Software?

by Diego Rios, Sales and Marketing Support Specialist, ISCorp

In the last three years ransomware attacks by malicious actors across the globe have surged. As organizations moved to remote settings gaps were created in the frontlines of cyber defense. These vulnerabilities have been exploited by cyber criminals with no regard for industry or organization size.In its simplest terms, ransomware is; “A type of malware that prevents you from accessing computer files, systems or networks and demands you pay a ransom for their return.” (FBI.gov). Victims of ransomware are left with very few choices; pay the ransom, restore data from your backups – if you have them or hope your cybersecurity team has an ability to decrypt.Ransomware infections can be caused by various things such as phishing emails, social engineering, software flaws, cracked passwords and many other vulnerabilities most organizations are not able to fully combat. Unfortunately, there is no exact science or how-to guide to avoid the numerous ways malicious actors look to gain access to an organizations data or systems. However, there are important steps many organizations can take to be prepared for any type of cybersecurity incident.First and foremost it is a matter of having the right team in place. While most internal IT teams have the skillset and wherewithal to prepare for cybersecurity incidents it is typically not the core competency of your IT team and your organization. Therefore, we suggest partnering with the right team to keep your users secure.Here are some best practices provided by the ISCorp Security & Operations team to help keep your organization safe from malicious actors going after your data.

  • Maintain backups – make it a practice of having readily available frequent backups of your data.
  • Adhere to specific policies that all members of your organization are aware of and understand. From suspicious email notifications to continuous training, as cybersecurity attacks advance, keep your teams up-to-date on what they should look out for and to be alert.
  • Keep systems up-to-date: Operating systems, applications and software are all regularly updated based off previous-version vulnerabilities. Staying up-to-date can help you stay ahead of attacks.
  • Run regular security trainings that serve as practice for your associates.
  • Never open email attachments from unknown or untrusted senders.
  • Always make sure that any partners or outsiders who have access to your data have proper security training and are taking security seriously.
  • Be aware. Be secure.

Over the last five years, Carrier Logistics and ISCorp have formalized a partnership with a focus on end user experience and security. At ISCorp, cybersecurity is the foundation upon which our cloud solution has been built. Led by a team of cybersecurity experts the ISCorp hosting solution boasts an arsenal of tools geared to protecting Carrier Logistics’ customers. Because of 24 x 7 support, active monitoring, active mitigation, security training and air-gapped backups through our own private data centers, the hosted version of Carrier Logistics Software is one of the most secure logistics products on the market.

Employee Spotlight:
IT Veteran David Russell

David Russell, a long-time employee of CLI, is a valuable member of CLI’s IT department. Whether he’s assisting with an upgrade, monitoring and troubleshooting our clients’ databases or providing critical support at 2:00 am, David is seemingly always on the job.

An employee since 2001, David has been an asset to the organization for over 20 years. His work fuels his natural curiosity combined with his life-long interest in technology. David has a innate problem-solving ability that makes his contributions to the organization so valuable. Diagnosing an issue or working to streamline a process, David is always up to the challenge.

David lives in Chappaqua, NY is married and has two children who keep him extremely busy when he is not at work.

Automated A/R Risk Scores

Did you know, in the latest version of FACTS (v12), the system, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), will tell you which accounts are at a higher risk? This can save your company valuable resources because it will reduce time spent analyzing and, more importantly, eliminate bad debt for your company.

The analysis is made up of various factors including account age, payment history and historic account balances.

To access the new A/R Risk Score, open the new and improved “Customer Inquiry,” which now displays your full A/R Aging in summary format. Note that two columns have been added for the A/R Risk score. One column displays the current risk score for the customer and the other displays the change in risk since the last calculation. The columns are sortable and can be used to:

  • Sort by risk score to view accounts with a higher risk.
  • Sort by the change in risk to see which accounts are getting riskier.

This data can also be presented in a graphical form, illustrating the change in risk score over time. The graphical form is available in the new “Stats” tab in the latest “Customer Inquiry” function.

Questions? Contact Yvan Vasquez.

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