We’ve been hearing from quite a few of our customers that they are experiencing a labor shortage, and not just drivers, but in all aspects of their operations. In the same way technology has made drivers’ time more efficient, through optimized routing and reduced paperwork, office staffs’ time can be more productive and efficient though technology. AI (artificial intelligence), for example, can take mundane or repetitive tasks and automate them, saving countless hours of work.As a technology provider and partner, Carrier Logistics has taken the lead on this. We’ve been developing technology that reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, maximizes your resources and streamlines processes to free up staff for more critical assignments.

The “doing less with more” story is as old as time. But never in history have we had so many tools at our disposal to help do just that. This newsletter covers some companies who have taken advantage of these very tools. We hope you learn from them and get inspired to tackle this problem yourselves. If you are, please reach out and let’s talk.

In the meantime, enjoy the newsletter.

Short Hauls

New Client: Sun Logistics

Sun logoNew York-based Sun Logistics recently chose CLI and FACTS as their transportation and freight management system. Sun has serviced the greater New York City and Southern Florida marketplaces for over 40 years, building its reputation as being the go-to carrier for transporting goods in some of the most difficult driving markets in the world. CLI looks forward to helping Sun continue to meet its goals. Please welcome Sun Logistics.

CLI in the News

Fleet Owner CoverBen Wiesen, CLI president, was quoted extensively in a recent feature article that appeared in Fleet Owner magazine. Entitled, Removing Friction from Shipper-Carrier Transactions, the article, written by Cristina Commendatore, examines the current volatility in the market that is shedding light on the issues that can happen between shippers and carriers. Commendatore posits that now more than ever, both parties seek to increase transparency and create better onboarding processes. Click here for the article.

Progress Software Turns 40

Progress Software

Long-time CLI partner, Progress Software, celebrated 40 years in business in September. The MA-based company has been moving businesses forward since 1981. CLI’s FACTS solution is built using technology from Progress.

The Progress leadership team celebrated the achievement by ringing the opening bell on the Nasdaq trading floor.
To read about their 40-year journey click here.

Featured Articles


JA Frate More Effectively Managing Growth by Using Carrier Logistics FACTS

Customer since 2014, JA Frate has also eliminated inefficiencies, streamlining workflow
JA Frate Case Study

Prior to installing FACTS, JA Frate, which was averaging 1,000 loads daily, was using a software package that had two separate databases for its asset and non-asset-based businesses. The resulting inefficient administrative processes required duplication of effort to onboard new customers and hampered its ability to be a single source of a full range of transportation services for its shippers.

To reduce administrative time and improve customer service, JA Frate needed an integrated solution that could provide real-time access, simplify procedures, and streamline planning. The software would also need to allow customers to access shipment and invoice information and have the ability to receive rate quotes and book loads with any part of the JA Frate operation in one portal.

Enter CLI and their FACTS software solution. After a comprehensive search, JA Frate chose CLI as their software and technology partner. After implementation, the results and benefits were quickly evident. By replacing an outdated system with a comprehensive, highly efficient transportation and freight management solution from CLI, JA Frate saved administrative time, improved customer service, and more effectively managed and boosted growth.

JA Frate continues to grow with CLI by adding FACTS components and modules that help boost efficiencies, allow staff to do more in less time, and elevates customer service.

To read the full case study on JA Frate, please click here.

3 Tips to Get Drivers on Board
with Dash Cams

by Barrett Young, Vice President of Marketing, netradyne

NetradyneIn-cab safety cameras are becoming a must-have for commercial fleets. However, a top concern is addressing driver pushback about installing video cameras. Is there a best dash cam for truckers? Will the dash cam videos be used against them?There are just a few questions fleet safety managers and drivers are asking when investigating video safety technology.

The good news is nearly all drivers come around to acceptance. Based on real-world cases, here are three tips to get your drivers on board with dash cams today:

1) Explain How it Works

Yes, it sounds obvious, but this is a huge step (that can’t be skipped) to getting drivers on board. Why? Well, if they don’t know how it works, they are left in the dark.

Explain how the technology works and what the drivers can expect. Start with emphasizing that the purpose of dash cams is not to spy on them, but rather to promote road safety. Demonstrate how events are detected, who can access footage, how long videos are stored, etc. If you are using an advanced AI-enabled camera, like Netradyne Driveri, where footage will be reviewed by computers – not humans – let them know; they may find computers more acceptable than having humans judge their driving.

You can also explain how dash cams promote safety – they provide real-time audio alerts to inform drivers of common mistakes like speeding or distracted driving. Doing this will set a foundation for success and build trust within your organization.

2) Be Transparent

The more open communication there is between drivers and fleet managers, the more likely drivers are willing to embrace dash cam technology.

Fleet managers can overcome feelings of discomfort by being transparent and collaborative – just like you explained how the cameras work, explain why you are installing them. Share how the cameras relate to your company’s goals and guidelines, so drivers understand the reason for the change.

Focus on sharing the targets that video safety solutions will help your organization accomplish. Goals may be improved CSA scores, decreased collisions, and lower insurance premiums.

This transparency benefits your employee-employer relationship increases your company’s success and improves driver behavior.

3) Share Successes
Did you know fleet drivers are NOT at fault in 80 percent of collisions? Video cameras provide this proof. Installing this type of hardware can exonerate drivers, providing evidence in case of an accident, saving fleets thousands of dollars in wrongful liability claims and time spent in litigation.

Share these exoneration videos and statistics in group meetings, via email, on the TV in the driver’s lounge, or wherever you communicate best with your team. What important milestones were hit? Are there fewer accidents from installing video cameras? Share these successes so drivers feel more comfortable and are recognized for their safe driving behavior.

Let your drivers know about data like this – it might change their mind.

Since its inception in 2015, Netradyne has been building a world-class team to deliver industry leading fleet safety solutions. Click here for more.

New Search Feature in Dispatch by Driver – Terminal View and P&D Planning Functions

Tip 10.2021 Searching is a snap! Searching for pickup and delivery stops has become even easier thanks to our innovative new functionality.In the newly-created search field, a user simply enters what they are searching for and presses the tab key.

The results screen will only show the routes with a stop that matches the search value.

Users can search by PU#, Pro#, Stop Name, City and numerous other fields.

When the user is done, they can just delete the search value and select tab to return to the previous unfiltered view.


Staff Spotlight

Emily White A passion for customer service, coupled with a background in logistics, made Emily White a perfect fit for Carrier Logistics. She is currently a Customer Success Manager at CLI, a position she has held since the spring of this year.Prior to joining Carrier Logistics, Emily worked in Operations and Human Resources for freight forwarder, Clear Lane Freight Systems in Indianapolis. While at Clear Lane she was the administrator for FACTs and developed processes for several areas within the company, giving her the unique perspective of knowing the system from “both sides of the fence.”At CLI, Emily’s priority is to ensure the success of our customers. She manages the help desk, assists customers with training, and helps set up rates, among other responsibilities.

Recently married, Emily moved from Indianapolis to a small town in Indiana where she enjoys spending time with her husband and family. Pre-COVID, she and her husband would travel to Mexico several times a year and they look forward to being able to travel again.

CARL’s AI Abilities Grow

CARL, the AI assistant developed by CLI, now offers automatic POD (proof of delivery) retrieval. This artificial intelligence technology works seamlessly with your FACTS application to ease the pressure on your customer service team, accelerate response times for quotes, and boost your business.   CARL was initially released with the ability to automatically respond to rate quote requests. In addition to this crucial assignment, CARL can now automatically respond to customer requests for PODs.

Contact Craig Lis for more information on CARL.



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