Fit Analysis

All custom or integration projects undertaken by CLI are required to undergo a Fit Analysis. The Fit Analysis is the result of an intense examination of the customer’s current business setup and needs, and it allows CLI to gain a better understanding of the customer’s unique business requirements and determine what, if any, applications will require custom design.

The Fit Analysis allows CLI to prepare a detailed Project Agreement with detailed fees and schedules. This specification document is the joint blueprint for the project. The document spells out the applications to be installed with the modifications required, the time frame for the project with agreed upon priorities, and the costs associated with the assignment.

The end result is that the customer and CLI will both have a clear understanding of the scope of the work and the responsibilities of both companies to ensure it happens within the established time frame and within the agreed budget. CLI’s references support its commitment to these schedules and budgets.

Installation and Conversion

If required, CLI will, as part of the assignment, work with the customer’s personnel to convert their present data files to the new application installed by CLI. The conversion of data may take place at CLI’s office, the customer’s office, or the hardware vendor’s site, depending on requirements of the conversion.

The first phase of implementation takes place in 3-6 months, with all the modules installed in 9 months. The actual costs of the conversion will be the responsibility of the customer.

Online Fit and Tech Support

Accessing Post-Implementation Support

CLI provides ongoing help and support for our FACTS™ customers. With online help, users can quickly access resources without interrupting their workflow. They can display documentation for a function or a specific field without exiting it. Users can display or print a sample screen so they can easily visualize fixes. They can make an inquiry into the existing values of a file or create records for required fields, such as customer codes.

CLI also maintains an extensive search engine in the FACTS™ application to help users find the exact table, report, or function they are looking for.

CLI provides a free 24-hour helpline to support accounts. During business hours, customers can call our helpdesk. After hours, we will field your calls and refer you to a CLI expert who is on call 24/7. At any time of day, our online WEBHELP automatically logs requests and notifies our help department.

We provide routine software maintenance and upgrades. Enhancements and modifications outside of routine maintenance are billed according to a published fee schedule for consultants, analysis, programming, and support and then transferred to the customer.

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All applications installed by CLI will be warranted to be free of any defects and to perform as demonstrated unconditionally for as long as you utilize the software. For a period of SIXTY (60) days from installation, this warranty will be free of charge, after which annual maintenance and support fees will apply.

Any documented “bug” will be fixed as required at no additional cost. The “fix” may include Application and Database upgrades if needed to resolve the issue.

Software Expandability and Enhancements

FACTSTM Expands With Your Business

CLI understands that business requirements change over time. Certain pieces of the FACTS™ application may not be needed right away. As you get comfortable with the application and recognize additional use cases, you may want to roll out additional modules. We have designed FACTS™ in a modular fashion, specifically to accommodate the need for expansion.

To help our clients adapt FACTS™ to meet their requirements, CLI offers a Fit Analysis service. The Fit Analysis allows us to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs by conducting an intense examination of their current business environment.

After the Fit Analysis, we prepare a detailed Project Agreement that explains fees and schedules. We specify the applications that need to be installed, the required modifications, and the time frame for the project. A deployment timetable specifies which modules will be deployed immediately and which will be installed later on.

The Fit Analysis ensures that both CLI and the customer have a full picture of the scope of work and the responsibilities of both companies. The Project Agreement serves as a blueprint that helps us get the project completed on time and within budget.

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Customer Service

Trying to improve your response time to customer inquiries? Looking to be more proactive? With FACTS™, providing white-glove customer care is easy, as real-time shipment tracking and complete shipment visibility is accessible — anywhere, any time — on the phone or via the web.


  • All info is displayed on one screen, with mouse-driven access to all other relevant details
  • Shipments can be viewed many different ways
  • Tracing details include account and billing information
  • Shipment information can be emailed to customers
  • All changes made to a shipment can be viewed in a trace log
  • If available, images of scanned documents can be viewed on screen

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