Our Platform

All CLI products are enterprise grade applications written in Progress® OpenEdge® , a very popular global software application. Its completely integrated platform and database simplifies the development, deployment and management of our business applications on-premise or on any Cloud, on any platform and on any device with minimal IT complexity.

Because the Progress® OpenEdge® platform and database are imbedded in FACTS™, our application is a unique, all-inclusive product where no other software is required to run the application. This creates a tightly integrated infrastructure where high-performance databases, application and data servers, fully integrated application development environments and frameworks all work together to easily handle the growing shipment volumes of any size organization.

In essence, we protect you from your worst nightmare – software obsolescence. As growth occurs and newer technology becomes available, your organization can simply purchase better equipment and move your current operating environment to the new system.

Last but not least, we support all major J2EE™, JMS, Web services and XML industry standards along with Web browser, ActiveX, Java™, and graphical and character-based user interfaces. This makes it easy for us to integrate to legacy software products or other third party vendor applications selected by you, the Client.

In the end, FACTS™ will bring you the best transportation software available in the market today at the lowest cost of ownership that only Progress® offers.

“We have continually taken advantage of Progress’® latest releases to enhance our product,” says Ken Weinberg, V.P. of Carrier Logistics. Reliability is critical to our customers; Progress is virtually bulletproof; our systems just never go down.”

Learn how FACTS™ will bring you the best transportation software by connecting with a CLI representative here, or send an email to sales@carrierlogistics.com.