Map Density – Location Intelligence

Truck Routing Software from Carrier Logistics

Complement FACTS ROUTRONICS™ with FACTSMap™, CLI’s Location Intelligence System that will permit real-time vehicle route management and truck dispatching. Our mapping application transforms large amounts of data into color-coded visual representations of your current operation to make it easy to spot trends and make decisions right from the map.

By plotting all stop locations and company assets on a geographic display, FACTSMap™ will allow you to build and adjust your operation in real time. The system will even let you optimize your routes for drive time. Drill down from a regional view to an individual stop location.

Use GPS tracking to experience real-time updating of driver locations to expedite problem solving and automate the dispatching process. FACTSMap™ will improve decision making and productivity, giving you a competitive edge over non-atlas supported routing and dispatch systems.

Utilize real-time vehicle management, automated dispatching, & location intelligence with FACTS ROUTRONICS™ & FACTSMap™. Find out how by connecting with a CLI representative here, or send an email to