Carrier Logistics has several historical references that can confirm our extensive background in transportation process engineering. However, what is more difficult to define is the actual methodology used in each project.

As Ken Weinberg, V.P. of CLI says, “All companies are the same but different.” This philosophy is applied to each and every application. Coupled with the years of “one of a kind” requests for customization to specific areas of our software, there is very little that CLI cannot already provide.

As in any specialized environment, Carrier Logistics is equipped to offer exactly what is required for the immediate future with an eye for quick and seamless adaptation to other modules and applications as needed down the road.

Our joint Project Managers will work together first to review any existing work process, make suggestions on alternative methods and finally document a freight and paper flow process that will work in tandem with the software implementation. As the core business of freight transportation begins at the point of pick-up and ends with the delivery, the work process will follow the same path.