Our Training Approach

The basic implementation methodology utilized by CLI is “Train-the-Trainers.” This approach has proven to be a very successful and requires the client to provide key individuals to be trained in the various aspects of the new software by CLI. They, in turn, become the trainers for the application throughout the company. CLI continually provides both on-site and off-site support to the original key trainers, as well as the support trainers, throughout the implementation.

The advantage of the “Train-the-Trainers” approach is:

  1. Rapid introduction of employees to the technology.
  2. Training is accomplished by individuals that “know their business.”
  3. Implementation is faster, as more individuals are involved.
  4. Using client personnel as trainers reduces project implementation costs.
  5. Client personnel accept “ownership of the project” more rapidly.

To support the training, a Test Database is used. This database is populated with the client’s data, making the training as close to “real world” as possible.

The above approach has been used successfully for decades and CLI has never experienced a failure in the implementation of their assignments. The same project implementation approach has been used for major projects contracted to CLI for major companies such as Consolidated Freightways, Con-Way Transportation, Roadway Express, BTS Byers, Toll Holding Australia, and ANC (FedEx) among others.

Additional training time can be scheduled for all applications. Training can be conducted off site at CLI or on site at the location of your choice. The extent of the training time will depend on the requirements of the applications. In addition to classroom training, we offer Web-based training on either a one-to-one basis or through our bi-monthly “Out-to-Lunch” hour-long Web Demo sessions.