FACTSTM Expands With Your Business

CLI understands that business requirements change over time. Certain pieces of the FACTS™ application may not be needed right away. As you get comfortable with the application and recognize additional use cases, you may want to roll out additional modules. We have designed FACTS™ in a modular fashion, specifically to accommodate the need for expansion.

To help our clients adapt FACTS™ to meet their requirements, CLI offers a Fit Analysis service. The Fit Analysis allows us to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs by conducting an intense examination of their current business environment.

After the Fit Analysis, we prepare a detailed Project Agreement that explains fees and schedules. We specify the applications that need to be installed, the required modifications, and the time frame for the project. A deployment timetable specifies which modules will be deployed immediately and which will be installed later on.

The Fit Analysis ensures that both CLI and the customer have a full picture of the scope of work and the responsibilities of both companies. The Project Agreement serves as a blueprint that helps us get the project completed on time and within budget.

Find out more about expansion possibilities for FACTS™. Reach out to our team.