Carrier Logistics is a corporation managed by transportation professionals who know your business. Our firm employs a knowledgeable, dedicated staff, many of whom have come from the industry. In addition to developing one of the top transportation and logistics solutions available in the industry today, we continue to provide professional guidance and tier one application support to major multi-stop, multi-terminal logistics companies on three continents.

In this highly specialized industry, it is important to partner with someone who has an extensive background in process engineering to leverage your software purchase. Our experience in work process consulting dating back over 40 years has equipped us to offer the exact services needed for immediate benefit to your company.

It is long believed that the core business of freight management begins at the point of pick-up and ends with the delivery. We believe it is much more complex than that. Our specialists will work with you to map out your existing work process, identify opportunities for improvement and create a blue print for implementation.

Services Include:

  • Work Process Consulting
  • Functional Specification Analysis
  • System Implementation
  • Data Conversion Assistance
  • Application Training
  • Software Customization
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Software Hosting
  • Services

Whether you operate one terminal or several hundred, we will implement and support each installation as if it was our own.

Your software is only as good as those who stand behind it.