Accessing Post-Implementation Support

CLI provides ongoing help and support for our FACTS™ customers. With online help, users can quickly access resources without interrupting their workflow. They can display documentation for a function or a specific field without exiting it. Users can display or print a sample screen so they can easily visualize fixes. They can make an inquiry into the existing values of a file or create records for required fields, such as customer codes.

CLI also maintains an extensive search engine in the FACTS™ application to help users find the exact table, report, or function they are looking for.

CLI provides a free 24-hour help line to support accounts. During business hours, customers can call our help desk. After hours, we will field your calls and refer you to a CLI expert who is on-call 24/7. At any time of day, our online WEBHELP automatically logs requests and notifies our help department.

We provide routine software maintenance and upgrades. Enhancements and modifications outside of routine maintenance are billed according to a published fee schedule for consultants, analysis, programming, and support and then transferred to the customer.

Receive around-the-clock support for your FACTS™ software. Call or log in.