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 July 2011

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David 2

David Russell

David Russell is a valuable member of CLI's MIS department.  Whether it's assisting with an upgrade, monitoring and troubleshooting our clients' databases, or providing critical support at 2:00 am, David is seemingly always on the job. 


An employee since 2001, David has been an asset to the organization for the past decade.  His work fuels his natural curiosity and problem-solving skills combined with his life-long interest in computers and technology.


David makes his home in Chappaqua, NY and in addition to his work at CLI is a proud volunteer firefighter in his hometown.  He is engaged to be married in the Fall of 2011.




Welcome New Client:

Frontline Freight


Frontline Freight, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA installed the FACTS hosted or SaaS system in the Fall of 2010.  In addition to LTL services, Frontline goes beyond the call to meet customer demands by providing specialized services including Truckload, Intermodal Rail, Expedited Air Freight, and International shipping services. 


To learn more visit their website.





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Welcome to the "new look" version of CLI's newsletter, Trucking with CLI.  In this issue, we recap our recent User Group meeting, highlight the latest enhancements to our FACTS™  total freight management solution, and share some updates from industry partner SMC3.  We also have an article on Outsourcing from guest contributer, Gagan Goraya.


We hope that you find the newsletter to be informative and invite you to provide us with ideas and content for future editions.  Enjoy.




User Group Meeting a Qualified Success


Participants from across North America gathered at the end of April to attend the CLI Annual User Group Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY.  The enhanced program featured many executive-level sessions in addition to hands-on user instruction.   Mike Molitoris, senior transportation purchasing manager of Volvo Logistics North America, was a featured speaker.  Molitoris shared his insights on "The View from the Other Side" - what a shipper looks for from a transportation company.  Molitoris shared his insights from his nine years at Volvo and also his experience at Ryder, Con-way and Roadway.         


Other notable presentations included keynote speaker Satish Jindel, president of SJ Consulting Group, who shared his vision on "Business Not As Usual: Why Your Business Strategy Must Change," and Ken Hoexter, senior transportation analyst from BofA Merrill Lynch, on the "State of the Industry 2011."


In addition to perennial topics of rating, dispatch enhancements, billing innovations, mapping, electronic data interchange (EDI), and information system management, participants also attended general sessions on how trucking companies are using social media, the importance of Business Process Management (BPM) and SaaS Demystified.


The group also participated in hands-on sessions on actual computer workstations, roundtable discussion of vital topics, sharing ideas and tips with other users, and viewing a supplier showcase of the latest IT advancements.  Sponsors included Acordex, Cheetah, Corvedia, DBAppraise, EBE, Fresh Start Logistics, Intermec, PC*MILER, Progress Software, Royal 4, SMC3, TCG and Unicorn. 


Thank you to everyone who participated. 





Latest Enhancements to FACTS™

Now Available

    "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."  -- Benjamin Franklin


CLI takes the above words to heart and to that end, has a commitment to constant system development and growth.  We allocate a significant segment of our resources to guarantee that FACTS is always developing, ensuring constant cutting-edge functionality is available to benefit your organization while making certain that our software is never obsolete. 


To review a sampling of the literally thousands of enhancements to the FACTS system from version 10.6 to 10.7, we invite you to peruse the upgrade document.  You'll see changes and improvements in every area of the software, from AP, AR and Rating to Call Logging and Dispatch.  In particular, many enhancements have been made in the track and trace and Web components.  Please click here to access the upgrade file from 10.6 to 10.7.  If you would like to access the other upgrade files, click here.


Please also remember that unlike other software developers, CLI's FACTS upgrades are always FREE and one of the many benefits of annual maintenance fees.  If you have any questions about any of the software upgrades please do not hesitate to contact us





Guest Contributor.

Outsourcing: Is it on your IT Agenda?

  by Gagan Goraya


This is the age of specialization; companies are building on their strengths. Having in-house IT expertise is not essential when it is not part of the core busineOutsourcess. The companies are looking for solutions outside their own organization and acquiring whatever makes sense of their businesses. Companies coming out of recession have two main objectives; reduce IT support costs, and invest in IT technology to create efficiencies. At times like this IT outsourcing has become a key business strategy irrespective of organization size and IT budget.


In the last year over 60% of businesses outsourced at least a portion of their IT. Some used IT outsourcing as a key strategy to trim their IT budget, which is often expected during a recessionary period. Others took a more strategic approach; focusing on creating long-term efficiencies using IT outsourcing. What is IT outsourcing and why are so many companies looking into IT outsourcing? IT outsourcing has been around for some time. Rapid growth in technology has triggered its acceptance among a wide range of organizations.


It is impossible to acquire enough in-house talent to deal with issues across multiple problem domains. This is why organizations maintain IT staff focused on core competencies of the business. Most of the tedious and mundane functions are generally first to get on the IT outsourcing list. The major categories of IT outsourcing include:


1) Software development
This is probably the most talked about outsourcing strategy for IT. Large to mid-sized companies that develop software as part of ongoing software development and deployment strategy mostly use this approach to create efficiencies at lower costs. The approach allows businesses to gain access to a greater pool of talent at a relatively lower cost.


To continue reading the article, click here.


Gagan Goraya is a former director of IT at Clarke Logistics.  He is currently COO of Biz IT Solutions, a comprehensive IT Solutions provider offering a complete and wide range of IT services.





SMC3 End-of-Life Announcement


Attention SMC3 customers:  With the latest advances of RateWare XL, SMC3 is announcing the End-of-Life (EOL) for RateWare Legacy products.  These products will be replaced with the RateWare XL solution to allow them to refocus their resources and improve the value of the products they deliver to their customers.


Rateware Legacy Products to be Replaced:

  • RateWare DLLSMC3
  • RateWare Server
  • RateWare COM
  • RateWare Linux

If you have any questions about the EOL of these products, contact Brad Gregory at or call him at 770-486-5846. 



Thank you for sharing some time with us.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, feedback or opinions.




Ken Weinberg
Carrier Logistics Inc.

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