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December 2006 

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Purolator Courier Selects CLI for New Software System

Fleet Maintenance Software: A Cost Savings Tool

User Group Meeting - Hold the Date

Spotlight on New Functionality: Piece-Level Tracking

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Welcome to the December issue of the CLI Newsletter. As the year comes to a close, I'd like to take the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months. For the most part, 2006 was a very good year for CLI with one very notable exception - the loss of our longtime colleague, Joe Paterno to cancer in April. While it was painful time for us, our spirits were buoyed by the wonderful notes and e-mails we received from customers both past and present with their recollections of Joe. We dedicated the Annual Leadership Summit this past fall to Joe's memory.

The Annual Leadership Summit, not coincidently, was one of the strongest programs we've put together to date. Executives from trucking companies both far and wide attended this three-day event at the exclusive Tarrytown House Estate & Conference Center. With a theme centered around "Innovation," the program featured a wide range of speakers on a variety of topics including Telephony, Shared Services, RFID, and Health Care costs. The program started off on a high note as opening Keynote Stephen Shapiro shared his insights gathered from working with companies around the globe. The packed room also heard from FedEx Custom Critical CEO, Jack Pickard, on how they use innovation to keep their company on the cutting edge. It was an extremely successful and highly rated event. Mark you calendars for next year's program, being held on September 26-28, 2007, as this year's event was oversubscribed.

The Leadership Summit is a sterling example of CLI's commitment to helping our customers grow. This business symposium focuses on running a transportation company more effectively and is free of charge to invited guests. Many of CLI's customers have implemented ideas learned at the Summit to very successful results.

Our Annual User Group Meeting was also a success. Held in downtown White Plains in April, system users from across the U.S. and Canada learned how to optimize their use of the FACTS® system. Sessions were broken into Administration and Operations and the highly interactive breakouts were very well received. Please see the Save the Date article below for this spring's User Group Meeting held once again at the Crowne Plaza in White Plains, NY on April 19 and 20, 2007.

Also during the year, CLI continued to develop new functionality and upgrade modules for the FACTS system. See the article regarding our ability to support piece level ID tracking in this issue. We've also enhanced our Dock Management System and our Map Density digital mapping module. And, of course, we continue to make great strides in offering users choice in using either a character-based interface (CHUI) or a mouse-driven interface (GUI).

Finally, in every newsletter we produced this year (including this one), we've been fortunate enough to welcome new clients. This has been a tremendous year of continued growth. I like to thank all of the new CLI customers for their confidence in CLI and our FACTS system. I'd also like to wish all of our customers, both new and old, happy holidays and a successful and rewarding 2007.

---Ken Weinberg

Purolator Courier Selects CLI for New Software System

Purolator Courier Ltd., Canada's largest courier company, has chosen the Carrier Logistics Inc. FACTS system to support the growth of its new freight division, Purolator Freight. The system will give Purolator Freight employees greater accessibility to information in real time. By providing improved line-of- sight in real time and a lean communication flow, the system will enable employees to reap the benefits of sharper decision making and more accurate assessments of the business.

"The system will give Purolator Freight's customers greater access to billing, administrative, and operating information in real time," said Joe Guimond, vice president and general manager of Purolator Freight. FACTS, based on advanced open architecture, offers LTL and parcel delivery carriers a low cost of ownership by reducing administrative costs for rating, billing, and dispatch.

A major component of the new system will be the new Purolator Freight website where information on shipments will be powered by the FACTS system. The website will feature the capability to trace shipments, view freight charges, retrieve images, generate pickup requests, and more.

"We are pleased that after a lengthy and thorough RFP process, Purolator Freight has chosen CLI and our FACTS system," said Ken Weinberg, vice president of CLI. "We're proud of the fact that CLI was chosen to provide Purolator Freight with both consultation and software solutions and we look forward to a successful relationship for years to come."

As Canada's largest courier company, Purolator Courier Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario is committed to its customers. From automated solutions to 24 hour pick up and delivery, Purolator provides customers with the services and customized solutions required to get their shipments across town or around the world. Purolator operates Canada's largest dedicated air express fleet. Purolator has an extensive service network, with over 12,500 employees, including more than 3,500 couriers, 123 operations locations, over 150 Shipping Centers, over 550 Authorized Shipping Agents and more than 350 drop boxes. Purolator processes over 5.5 million pieces (delivery and pick up) each week for destinations across Canada and around the world.

Fleet Maintenance Software: A Cost Savings Tool

By Chrissie Spillars, Marketing, TMTSoftware

Tracking preventative maintenance, parts inventories, repair orders and warranties are the cornerstones of effective maintenance software. Operationally, maintenance software should capture that information and integrate seamlessly with other contiguous business applications. Integration between CLI's FACTS and TMTsoftware's TRANSMAN® is essential to give trucking companies the greatest control over their equipment.

Fleets seeking maintenance software are looking to reduce maintenance costs. This can only occur when accurate and precise information is collected at the source. Flexibility and integration are paramount for the successful implementation of maintenance software solutions. Sharing information through integration supports good business decisions. Letting dispatch know that preventative maintenance is due on a piece of equipment and routing that equipment to the shop prevents downtime, decreases costs and reduces breakdowns, all of which affects the overall life cycle of equipment.

The greatest return on investment in maintenance software comes from more efficient work flow and processes. Integration between maintenance and dispatch software systems is vital to ensuring these improvements.

TMTSoftware Company is the premier provider of Fleet Maintenance and Equipment Maintenance Management Software.

Click Here for TMT's Website »


User Group Meeting - Hold the Date

The CLI Annual User Group Conference will be held on April 19 and 20, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza in downtown White Plains, NY. Attendees will learn from both CLI expert trainers and business peers. After an opening general session, the meeting will be divided into two concurrent breakout sessions covering "Billing and Administration" and "Operations and Highway."

In addition to the structured training seminars, there will be opportunities to meet one-on-one with CLI staff, so that customers can get answers to their most pressing needs and questions. The program continues through noon on Friday so that participants can either enjoy their afternoon in the New York City area or head back for their flights home. This program will be very interactive and attendees should be prepared to participate.

There is no fee to attend this event. Because CLI feels strongly that training is an important component of the successful use of any software system, participants are invited to attend this program FREE of charge. Attendees are responsible only for their travel, hotel and non-program-related meals. Look for future notices with registration forms and a detailed agenda. In the meantime, call 914-332-0300 or e-mail with any questions.


Spotlight on New Functionality: Piece-Level Tracking

Piece-level tracking means knowing where each piece of a shipment is at all points in time. Currently, most LTL companies only track the freight that they handle on a shipment level. However, the technology exists to track shipments on a piece level. In order to ensure that your software stays ahead of your customers' requirements, CLI has added piece-level tracking to the FACTS system.

CLI has added data tables to support recording piece- level tracking events, representing both "custody scans" and status events. In addition, auxiliary data, such as weight and cube, can be captured at the same time as these scans. This allows the carrier to view date, time and location of handling of every individual piece, enabling your customers to follow each piece of their shipment through the shipping journey. The screen shot below shows how the information on piece or item-level tracking can be viewed on the web.

Enhancements like this and many others are made available to CLI customers as part of their annual maintenance fee. To learn more about how piece level tracking can benefit your business contact CLI at


Tip of the Month

Creating Customized Menus
Menus can be created in the CLI system to enable users to use a wide range of functions on one screen. When working on customizing menus, do not change the CLI menus. Any changes to the CLI menus will be overwritten in an upgrade. When customizing a menu keep your company name in front of the name of the menu such as CLI.billing or CLI.dispatch. Here's how to create these menus and add security to specific items.

CREATING A NEW MENU (in the Character version)
Access Menu Maintenance from the pt.development menu option 1 or by typing menu.maint in the selection field from any menu in the system. Type the name of the new menu in the Menu Name field. If it is a brand new menu, a "0" (zero) should be typed in the position field. Type in the menu description (header). You can now build your custom menu. Hitting F1 to complete, keep the name of the new menu at the top and type in the number for the first position that you want to have an option. In the Function Name field, type the function that you want in that position. If you do not know the function, hit F6 to add it by the CLI menu name and position. For example, if you want operational customer maintenance at this position, you would hit F6 and type ib.maint and position 1.

To add security to an existing menu, enter the menu name for which you would like to add security. Enter 0 for the position, and enter the security group that can access this menu. If adding security to an option on a menu, type in the menu name and the position of the function. In the security group field, type in the group that applies to this function. The security groups are defined in the user profiles.

CREATING A NEW MENU (in the GUI version) To create a new customized menu, from the Menu Maintenance screen, right click on an existing menu and choose to create a new "sibling" menu folder. This will pop-up a Create Menu function (see screenshot below). With this, enter the function name of your new menu. If you do not know the function name, the "binoculars" will allow you to search for the correct one. Then from the drop-down select the Type, such as Menu, Maintenance, Report, etc. In the third field, give your new customized menu a descriptive name. Enter the Security groups, if necessary, to complete the menu creation.

Once the Menu folder has been created in the New Menu Structure, simply drag and drop existing CLI menus into your new menu folder to build your customized menu.


Personnel News

Mark Owen has joined CLI as head of the MIS department. Mark was previously with Adonix Transcomm, a shipping solutions software company, where he was a project manager. Mark, a native of the United Kingdom, came to the United States after earning a degree in Physics at Corpus Christ College in Oxford. Since joining CLI this summer, Mark has proven himself to be a valuable member of the CLI team. Welcome Mark.

Congratulations to Shawn Alleyne, programming department, on his recent marriage. Shawn married his long-time girlfriend, Latanya Brown, on September 9. After a honeymoon in Hawaii the couple have settled in New Rochelle, NY.

Congratulations to new Grandma, Kathleen Jurka, CLI's office manager. Kathleen's daughter, Shannon, gave birth to Ronald John Charbonneau on September 18. RJ, as the family calls him, is the first child for Shannon and her husband Brian and Kathleen's first grandchild as well.


Calendar of Events




Jan 23 - 24

SMC3 52nd Winter Conference

Atlanta, GA

Feb 25 - 27

Distribution & LTL Carriers Association Annual Conference

St. Petersburg, FL

Apr 12 - 14


Montreal, QC

Apr 19 - 20

CLI Annual User Group Meeting

White Plains, NY

Apr 22 - 25

TSMA Annual Conference

Orlando, FL

Sep 26 - 28

CLI Annual Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct 20 - 23

2007 ATA Management Conference

Orlando, FL


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