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 Special Leadership Summit Edition

October 2006 

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Welcome to the special Annual Leadership Summit edition of the CLI newsletter. During September 27 - 29, 2006, a unique mix of transportation executives and industry leaders gathered to explore how they can use innovation to propel their businesses forward. A packed meeting room at the exclusive Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center in Tarrytown, NY served as the home base for the event, which included keynotes, workshops, discovery room sessions and roundtables.

The program this year was dedicated to the memory of Joe Paterno, an employee of over twenty years for CLI who passed away this past spring. Joe sought to bring innovation to the transportation industry in his lengthy career with CLI, so it was particularly apt that this year's theme was "Innovation Drives Change." We believe that Joe would have enjoyed the program and found the theme to be of great value.

The program was filled with insights and observations regarding the topic of innovation and one message came through loud and clear -- the companies that truly embrace innovation will have a distinct advantage over their competitors. The speakers, from a wide variety of backgrounds, shared their experiences and knowledge regarding the topic and how it can be applied to the transportation industry. Both content and presentation skills received the highest scores ever from attendees. We would like to thank all of the speakers for their time and dedication to delivering excellent and thought-provoking information.

This by-invitation-only event was oversubscribed and not all of those who wished to attend could be accommodated. If you do receive an invitation for the 2007 Summit, I urge you to RSVP as soon as possible. Produced by CLI, the program is free for attendees.

In this issue, we will give you a taste of the presentations. Should you wish to receive the presentations or handouts for any of the sessions, please e-mail Craig Lis at to inquire about availability.

For those of you who attended this program, thank you very much. As for the rest of you, I hope to see you next year.

---Ken Weinberg

Opening Keynote

The CLI Annual Leadership Summit started off with a bang, with keynote speaker Stephen Shapiro discussing "The 7Rs of Process Innovation." Stephen challenged the audience to truly embrace innovation and gave them a guide for working through the process. Through mind-opening exercises and insightful real world examples, Stephen was both educational and extremely entertaining.

The perfect kick-off to the program, Stephen's keynote got participants thinking, not just about the "theory" of innovation, but how they can implement and use innovation in their organizations. Some of the strategies that Stephen suggested were:

  • Make everyone accountable
  • Replace rigid processes with clear business objectives
  • Challenge employees to compete
  • Link strategy, customers and capabilities
  • Make the innovation process fun

Stephen has inspired thousands of people in 27 countries with his speeches on creativity and innovation. During a 15-year tenure with the international consulting firm Accenture, he established and led their Global Process Excellence Practice and developed innovation training that was delivered to 20,000 consultants. In 2001, Stephen changed direction and left the management consulting world to write his first book, 24/7 Innovation (McGraw-Hill), which has been featured in Investor's Business Daily and the New York Times. Attendees received an autographed copy of the book.

Click Here for Stephen's Website

Day One Sessions

The Latest in Telephony
Communications is a major expense for transportation companies. From landlines to wireless to the Internet, the rapidly changing choices and changes in the world of telecommunications can be confusing. Lou Person, the next speaker, helped the audience sort out their options.

Lou gave an overview of the new technologies, including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) while at the same time reviewing the history of telecommunications. Lou, the president of Traxi Technologies, LLC, has over 20 years of consulting experience in implementing and overseeing information technology projects in networking and data communications, e-business and application development. As an added bonus, Lou set up a VoIP phone line in the Discovery Room for participants to try out this new technology firsthand.

For more on the Telephony session please see the October16 edition of Transport Topics.

Innovation Through Shared Services
Referencing his work with Ryder, the logistics and transportation company, speaker Jeff Keller offered insight into the power of innovation. Principal of Keller Services, Jeff related how companies can create shared services that address problems while creating new business opportunities, as he experienced at Ryder.

Jeff defined shared services as the convergence and streamlining of an organization's functions to ensure they deliver the organization the services required of them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Jeff gave concrete examples of how LTL companies can benefit from the economies of scale by using shared services. A frank and honest review of the current challenges facing LTL companies gave weight to the thought that they need to innovate or perish.

Jeff drove home the importance of truly listening to the customer to give focus to your innovative thinking. Citing numerous examples and offering several ideas on how to benefit from shared services, Jeff opened attendees' eyes to exciting possibilities.

Innovation Workshop
Keynote Stephen Shapiro returned after lunch to run a workshop he called SpeedInnovating (a take-off of Speed Dating). Teams of attendees brainstormed on the problem of driver shortages. Along the way, Stephen shared his "Tips for Phrasing," explaining that how you phrase or word the problem will help you more clearly define the issue and make it easier to find an innovative solution. He reviewed some creativity basics as well as supplied a series of questions to stimulate new ideas.

The workshop was a lively and interactive session and a terrific way for participants who hadn't previously met to get to know each other. Plus the workshop gave attendees a hands-on approach to using innovation and creativity to tackle key issues.

Featured Speaker: Jack Pickard, CEO, FedEx Custom Critical
"Innovation: The Corporate Fountain of Youth" was the title of featured speaker, Jack Pickard's presentation. The president and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical shared examples of how innovation keeps companies young, fresh and profitable. Drawing on his experience at FedEx, Jack shared the keys to successfully creating an innovative corporate culture, including the importance of strategic thinking and planning.

Citing research found in Michel Robert's book, Strategy Pure & Simple II, Jack pointed out that "80 percent of CEOs cited their companies are strategically uncertain and operationally competent." Jack shared his own experiences and challenges defining FedEx Custom Critical's mission and strategy. Speaking candidly, Jack noted that, while the process may not always be easy, it is imperative for organizations to embrace innovation.

Jack's session was a conference highlight as attendees had the chance to learn from "one of their own" the importance of creating an innovative culture within their organizations. You could say that Jack believes it is not just important but critical.

RFID Update
Drew McCarthy, principal product manager, Progress Software, shared his insight and expertise on RFID (radio frequency identification). Starting off by explaining why RFID is important, Drew moved next to explaining the basic technology of this tool and its advantages over traditional bar codes.

Drew took the group through the many vertical industries that will reap the benefits of RFIP including healthcare, food and beverage and government. He closed the session with a case study that gave participants a terrific example of how RFID is being used right now as an inventory control tool. And certainly gave them an idea of its potential in the future.


Dinner Speaker

After a jam-packed day, attendees relaxed at a cocktail reception in the stately Library Room in the Biddle Mansion. A private gourmet dinner in the Garden Room followed with a special presentation by Jeff Fidacaro, vice president of Airfreight, Surface, and Marine Transportation Research for Merrill Lynch.

Jeff gave attendees an excellent "view from Wall Street," and he discussed trends that he is seeing in the industry. Jeff also shared Merrill Lynch's industry forecast and offered some predictions on future areas of growth. He capped his presentation with a lengthy Q&A in which he exhibited his vast knowledge of the industry.


Day Two Sessions

Pictured at left, the roundtable sessions were an interactive way for attendees to swap ideas on a variety of topics.

Building a Sustainable Innovation Capability
Friday morning began with an eye-opening session led by Brian Christian, former vice president of Global Product Development at Whirlpool and now the founder of DASO Consulting. Brian's content meshed perfectly with the sessions from the previous day, as he pointed out the importance of innovation as well as proposed an action plan to create a truly innovative organization. His four steps to innovation success are:

  • Build the case
  • Broaden the participation
  • Sharpen the focus
  • Transform the organization

Brian invited a special guest to speak during his presentation. Tom Wright, the director of Fixtures Supply Chain for the Kohler Company, who has over two decades of Supply Chain Management experience, provided the "voice of the customer." Tom didn't mince his words and warned the group that he had "a very tough message."

"Every morning," Tom said, "I wake up and ask myself how we can reduce our dependency on LTL. I feel that the carriers are not engaged in my business. All they talk about is what lanes they need filled. I'm looking for a solution provider and all I'm getting is a rate negotiator."

Tom urged the attendees to walk in their customers' shoes and to "become the shipper" so that true partnerships can be formed where shippers and LTL carriers work together to solve problems and create innovative solutions. Tom's tough words were quite thought-provoking for the group and a lively Q&A ensued.

Innovation in Healthcare
Tom Kempa, vice president, Healthcare Strategies for CIGNA Healthcare, gave an excellent presentation on how innovative approaches can help lower ever-increasing healthcare costs. Tom shared a case study of a transportation company that approached CIGNA. Their healthcare costs were skyrocketing and they needed a way to control costs. Through some innovative thinking and revolutionary actions they were able to save $8 million in one year.

In addition to this example, Tom shared the five "Learning Points" that were a result of this partnership and how they can be applied to participants' own organization to create savings. He also showed how innovation can be applied in areas that one normally may not consider.

Results from the LTL Industry-Wide Customer Value Benchmarking Report
Bart Thedinger, president of MASTIOGALE discussed the latest results of the company's groundbreaking LTL survey work. In a follow up session to last year's Summit program focused on sales and marketing, Bart provided an update to the 1st Annual Survey. MASTIOGALE conducts telephone interviews with LTL customers and speaks with the individual who makes the decision on which LTL carrier(s) to use. These decision makers then rate their carrier(s) on approximately 20 attributes important to customer satisfaction, loyalty and the value they perceive their LTL carriers provide. In this way, MASTIOGALE determines which carriers are providing the best value in the eyes of the customer.

Attendees learned how their organizations matched up. Bart had priceless information for participants. This study is vital because by taking an industry-wide approach the benchmarks are current and carriers will know if their performance is better, average or worse than any other LTL carrier.


Discovery Room and CLI/Partner Presentations

The Discovery Room, where attendees can see and experience the latest innovative technology and products, was once again a popular spot. Participants had the chance to see the latest CLI developments that were discussed by Ben Wiesen, senior consultant, CLI, earlier in the afternoon, including Map Density, the latest version of the Web Module, enhancements to the Dock Management System and the new mouse-driven version of FACTS® financials.

Attendees also had the opportunity to meet with CLI "best in breed" partners including Royal 4 Systems (warehousing solutions), Transportation Costing Group (activity-based costing), EasyAsk (search and information retrieval), SwitchQuick (switching innovation), TMT Software (fleet maintenance), and SMC3 (rating). CLI would like to thank these partners for participating. Links to their websites can be accessed at the end of this newsletter.


Thank You Sponsors

We'd like to thank several partners who helped sponsor this year's event.

TCG (Transportation Costing Group) once again sponsored the hors d'oeuvres at the opening reception Wednesday evening. SMC3 sponsored the wine at the opening dinner and Progress Software Corporation partially sponsored the keynote speaker, Stephen Shapiro.

Thank you all for your support of this event.


Hold the Date

Please save the dates of September 26 - 28, 2007 for next year's event. If you have any thoughts as to next year's theme or potential speakers, please e-mail me at

The program will once again be held at the Tarrytown House Estate in Tarrytown, NY.


Calendar of Events




Oct 28-31

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Dallas, TX

Nov 3-5

CamExpo 2006

Quebec City, QC

Nov 16-17

Ontario Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toronto, ON

Jan 23-24

SMC3 52nd Winter Conference

Atlanta, GA


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