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August 2006 

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-Four Things to Consider When Implementing an Innovative Corporate Culture

-Leadership Summit Being Held Next Month

-Success Story: CLI's LTL Software System Saves Al's Cartage Time - And Money

-Tip of the Month: POD by Manifest

-Anything Newsworthy Happening?

-Calendar of Events



Welcome to the August 2006 edition of the CLI newsletter, Trucking with CLI. We are pleased to announce that Purolator Freight, a division of Purolator Courier Ltd., the largest courier company in Canada, has signed on as a CLI client. We look forward to working with them. What's noteworthy is that this is not the first time CLI has partnered with Purolator. Back in the early 1980s we did some groundbreaking work with the U.S. division of the company. While the project took place over 20 years ago, we thought it might be interesting to quickly revisit the project.

CLI's work in the 1980's for Purolator revolved around installing ROUTRONICS, which helped them analyze their pickup and delivery operation, improve dispatching, maximize routing efficiency, and modernize customer service. With ROUTRONICS in place, daily pickup volume nearly doubled! Of course we've made many enhancements to the system in the intervening years but one thing hasn't changed: We still believe that CLI's operations software is simply the best available. And apparently Purolator Freight agrees. Please look forward to further details about this exciting new relationship with one of our oldest clients in the coming weeks.

Also, the CLI Annual Leadership Summit is quickly approaching and rapidly filling up. If you haven't yet reviewed this year's agenda and session descriptions, click the link in the article below. One of our key speakers at the event has provided an article in this edition on Innovation. Brian Christian, founder of DASO Consulting and former vice president of Global Product Development at Whirlpool Corporation will be the Friday morning opening speaker.

Finally, be sure to check out the continuing series entitled "Success Story," which features CLI customers. This month we talk to the folks at Al's Cartage about how their use of CLI's FACTS® system has been a boon to their operations. And last but not least check out our always-helpful "Tip of the Month."

Enjoy the issue and the end of the summer.

Four Things to Consider When Implementing an Innovative Corporate Culture

By Brian Christian
Many business leaders today are recognizing the need to build a stronger and more sustainable innovation capability in their companies. While cost management is still important today, it is no longer seen as the primary means to drive shareholder value. Leading companies have already moved operations from higher-cost developed markets to lower-cost emerging markets. Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma efforts have driven efficiency into factory operations and reduced the cost of poor quality. Business process reengineering and information technology have contributed to reduced SG&A and back-office costs. Truly, the age of innovation is upon us.

However, knowing that you need to become innovative is only the first step on the path toward a sustainable innovation capability. The complete journey requires a significant effort to transform an organization's culture involving every function within the enterprise. The good news is that, for the most part, the ability lies within your organization and needs only to be awakened.

I believe there are four critical things to consider when embarking on the innovation journey. These are:

1. Build the Case for Innovation - Gaining initial support and sustaining the effort over time requires a clear and compelling strategic vision as well as a sound business case with clearly defined financial objectives.

2. Broaden the Participation - Moving outside the traditional mindset and building a smoothly running innovation engine requires broad participation from within and outside the company.

3. Narrow the Focus - Achieving quick innovation wins, minimizing risk and efficiently using scarce resources requires a sharp focus on high probability opportunities that have the greatest chance of surviving multiple internal hurdles as well as the ultimate test with the customer.

4. Transform the Organization - Embedding a sustainable capability before the organization tires of the effort requires a deliberate plan to drive change.

Nothing as complex as transforming a large organization is as simple as a four-part plan, but these four things are at the top of the list of important considerations.

Brian Christian is founder of DASO Consulting, a firm specializing in transforming organizations through innovation. Prior to founding DASO, Brian was vice president of Global Product Development at Whirlpool Corporation. He will be a featured speaker at the upcoming CLI Annual Leadership Summit, being held September 27 - 29 in Tarrytown, NY.

Click Here for Brian's Website

Leadership Summit Being Held Next Month

The CLI Annual Leadership Summit will be held next month September 27-29 at the Tarrytown House and Estate in Tarrytown, NY. The conference, which brings together executives from LTL companies, features speakers from a variety of backgrounds. The by-invitation-only event is free for attendees. The theme for this year's program is "Innovation Drives Change," and the program is packed with highly qualified innovation experts covering a wide range of topics including: innovation through shared services; how the latest telephony advances can save your business money; programs to help lower safety costs; an RFID update and much more. Please click the link below for an agenda and session descriptions.

Steven Shapiro, founder of 24-7 Innovation, will be the featured keynote speaker on Thursday morning, following a welcome reception on Wednesday evening. Steven will discuss "Process Innovation and Excellence." There will also be presentations by FedEx Custom Critical CEO, Jack Pickard, and former Whirlpool executive, Brian Christian. There will be interactive workshops and lively roundtable discussions on critical industry topics. Also, Jeff Fidacaro, vice president and Airfreight & Surface Transportation analyst, Merrill Lynch will be the dinner speaker on Thursday night. It will be three days of learning, idea exchanging, and networking.

Space is limited and we fully expect this program to be oversubscribed. If you would like to receive an invitation to this event, email Craig Lis at

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Tom Wright, Director of Supply Chain Management for the Kohler Company has agreed to speak at the event. This is a unique chance to hear the customer's point of view. Tom has over two decades of Supply Chain Management experience. He joined the Kohler Co. in January of 2004 and is responsible for business to business (B2B) and consumer to business (C2B) customer service, materials, forecasting, purchasing, and B2B e-commerce, as well as warehousing and shipping functions.

Click Here for Session Descriptions and the Latest Agenda


Success Story: CLI's LTL Software System Saves Al's Cartage Time - And Money

It's been just over a year now that Al's Cartage, a well-known provider of transportation solutions, chose CLI and their FACTS system. Al's Cartage wanted an easy-to-maintain, yet fully integrated financial and operational system with Web functionality, customer service, and business analysis tools.

The FACTS system was implemented at Al's headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario in the spring of 2005. "The installation was seamless," says Ian Evans, executive consultant at Al's. "We had a very easy transition moving from our legacy system to FACTS. The whole company was quite impressed."

Al's management was not prepared to sit back and let the business run itself. Much work had to be done to take full advantage of what FACTS had to offer. Their partnership with CLI really made a difference in the way Al's has managed their application over the last 12 months. "Having a management system in place that requires very little IT intervention gave me more time to focus on running my business better," says Randy Frohlich, vice president of operations. "There will always be work to do, but being more than software providers, the people at CLI continue to assist us with both application development and process management."

This openness to change is key to Al's success. "I started looking at the various processes and operational practices in place and have made some real positive changes in the way we run our business. This would not have been possible without FACTS to assist me," says Frohlich. "We began our search with the goal of finding leading-edge technology that would require a minimum of customization at an affordable cost," says Evans. "We found this and a lot more in the FACTS system. We knew that it would help us to change the business processes."

Recently, Al's secured a key logistics and warehousing contract for a major automotive corporation in southwestern Ontario. "This new business is a major boost for Al's. Our ability to handle this sudden growth is directly related to the scalability and versatility of the CLI system," Evans goes on to say.

Growth or no growth, the results are already there. By implementing the robust and dependable FACTS suite of software, Al's Cartage was able to improve their P&D efficiency. "On the operations side alone we have been getting load manifests to the dock 2-3 hours faster, the drivers are on the road and back at the terminal earlier and home 1/2 to 1 hour sooner than they were last year," says Frohlich.

"It's a win-win."

Pictured Above: Don Adams (left), president of CLI, celebrates the successful partnership with Al's Cartage management.

Link to Al's Cartage Website »


Tip of the Month: POD by Manifest

Many times there is a delay in getting an entire manifest delivered. This delay can be caused by different circumstances such as weather or accidents. There are also times when a status update is needed for an entire manifest, such as giving the freight to an interline partner. There is a program that can be used to update every pro on the manifest with a particular result code.

How it works
This option is located on the bs.manifest menu #19 or cust.special #24. This program first prompts for a manifest number, trailer, or a load number.

Next the pros on the manifest are displayed. If all of the pros should be updated, hit F1 and the POD screen appears where you can enter the type of result code that applies to the circumstance. If any of the individual shipments show delivered, there is a prompt for you to change that delivered status.

If you would like to respond to the Tip of the Week or you require additional information, please send an e-mail to


Anything Newsworthy Happening?

Attention customers and partners: Is there any news about your company you'd like to share? CLI would like to add a section to our newsletter announcing newsworthy events at your organization. Have you received an award? Recently passed a milestone? Had an employee accomplish a remarkable achievement?

E-mail your news to Craig Lis at to be considered for a future edition of the newsletter.


Calendar of Events




Aug 24-26

Great American Trucking Show

Dallas, TX

Sep 13-14

SMC3 Fall Seminar

Atlanta, GA

Sep 27-29

CLI Annual Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct 15-18

Loss Prevention Conference

Atlanta, GA

Oct 28-31

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Dallas, TX

Nov 3-5

CamExpo 2006

Quebec City, QC

Nov 16-17

Ontario Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toronto, ON

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SMC3 52nd Winter Conference

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