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June 2006 

in this issue

·  5 Strategies for Using Innovation to Beat Your Competition

·  What You Need to Know about the New Canadian Tax Rates

·  FedEx CEO to Speak at Leadership Forum

·  New Client: Bilkays

·  Tip of the Month: Dispatch From Adjacent Routes

·  Personnel News

·  Calendar of Events

Dear Ken,

Welcome to the June 2006 edition of the CLI newsletter. In this issue we've got a feature article from Stephen Shapiro, founder of 24-7 Innovation, and keynote speaker at this fall's annual Leadership Summit. The article will give you just a sampling of what to expect at the September program.

Speaking of the CLI Leadership Summit, please read the article on the program which will bring you up to date on all of the latest developments including the recent addition of Jack Pickard, CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, as a featured speaker. Registrations for the program are coming in at an unprecedented rate, so we urge you to reserve your spot today.

We also welcome Bilkays Express as the latest CLI client, have included our always-useful Tip of the Month, and finally, for our Canadian clients there are details on what you need to know about the changes in the tax laws effective July 1.

Enjoy the issue.

5 Strategies for Using Innovation to Beat Your Competition

By Stephen Shapiro
Businesses are in the most volatile situation in history. Leading companies are falling from grace at an alarming rate. Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. Start-ups and entrants from other industries are the new breed of competition.

What is a company to do to survive and thrive in this age of change?

One solution is to inject innovation into all levels of the organization. This requires broad cultural change based on values, guidelines, and outcome-based measurement systems that give flexibility to all employees while mitigating risk for the business as a whole.

Here are some proven strategies for creating a culture of innovation.

Make everyone accountable: Because a few individuals at the top cannot possibly plan all of a company's activities, give employees a set of rights, responsibilities and rewards that make them accountable for their own actions. Koch Industries, an oil and gas company based in Wichita, Kansas, wanted to achieve world-class safety. Rather than have a few safety engineers scour the company, Koch (pronounced "coke") gave this responsibility to all employees, with rewards both for uncovering unsafe conditions and for discovering new ways to conduct business more safely. This initiative resulted in as much as a 50 percent improvement each year in the number and severity of accidents across Koch Industries. Within one year the company had moved from middle of the pack to one of the best safety records in its industries.

Replace rigid processes with clear business objectives: Too often innovation is stifled because companies define business processes in great detail, then hand those designs to the line that is expected to execute them. Mölnlycke Health Care, one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of single-use medical products, allowed production teams to decide how to meet their goals. With the responsibility for quality products moved to individuals on those teams, nearly 70 percent of the company's new products launch on time, compared with just 15 percent previously. As a result, the company will have quadrupled its shareholder value in only five years.

Challenge employees to compete: When challenged by external (or sometimes internal) organizations, groups are kept on their toes. For example, prior to being acquired by RWE AG in 2000, VEW Energie AG, a German-based utility, created a new business entity responsible for service, maintenance and construction. But other VEW managers were allowed to do business with competitors offering the same services if the price was right. As a result, the new unit worked hard to remain competitive, and in return was able to offer services to outside companies as well.

Link strategy, customers and capabilities: To be competitive and sustain market leadership in a changing Brazilian marketplace, Multibras (appliances) embarked on an ambitious change program. This was achieved by focusing the business imperatives at three levels: industry, customers, and competencies. Multibras first looked at future discontinuities in the industry by mapping potential future transformations and expected changes. They did this through the creation of scenarios and business imperatives. The changes were then fed into a view on what customers would want in the future. What are customer expectations (current, and potential future), needs and wants? This was done using current customer knowledge, direct involvement from customers (e.g., Whirlpool), and leveraging marketing expertise. The outcome helped drive the definition of the distinctive capabilities required in the future. This effort ultimately generated $50 million in cost reduction benefits for the company, reduced time to market by 35 percent, and cut development cost by 15 percent.

Make the innovation process fun: Quill Corporation, a $1 billion subsidiary of Staples, used the reality TV show concept (a la "The Apprentice") to inject life into the organization. The competition was called "The Quillionaire." Each month, three teams competed against each other to solve real-life business challenges. The first challenge was to find the next "big idea" for Quill. The three teams went off with video cameras and worked on their solutions. After a month, they presented to a panel of judges comprised of four vice presidents. The winning solution, predicted to generate millions of dollars in new revenue each year, is now being implemented with great success.

These, and other strategies, can help your organization stay ahead of the change curve.

About the Author: During a 15 year tenure with the international consulting firm Accenture, Stephen Shapiro established and led their Global Process Excellence Practice and developed innovation training that was delivered to 20,000 consultants. In 2001, Stephen changed direction and left the management- consulting world to write his first book, 24/7 Innovation (McGraw-Hill), which has been featured in Investor's Business Daily and the New York Times.

His latest book, Goal-Free Living (Wiley), became the #1 "Business Motivation" best seller, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, on, and was the cover story in O, The Oprah Magazine. During his career, Stephen has advised many leading organizations including Staples, GE, Fidelity Investments, Pearson Education, BMW WilliamsF1, Frito Lay, UPS, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He will be the Keynote Speaker at this year's Annual CLI Summit being held September 27-29 in Tarrytown, NY.

Click Here for Stephen's Website

What You Need to Know about the New Canadian Tax Rates

For all of our Canadian clients, please note that effective July 1, 2006, the rates of the GST and the HST will be reduced. The rate of the GST will be reduced from 7% to 6%. The rate of the HST will be reduced from 15% to 14%. You need to adjust your FACTS® system in the following way:

In bs.maint #5, update the GST keyword so that it reflects the proper percentage as of July 1st.

To adjust the HST, please contact CLI Programming for the available updates.


FedEx CEO to Speak at Leadership Forum

The preliminary agenda for the Annual CLI Leadership Summit being held September 27 through 29, 2006 in Tarrytown, NY is now available. The newest addition to the program, Jack Pickard, President and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, has confirmed his participation as a Featured Speaker. FedEx, and in particular their Custom Critical division, are the very model of an innovative transportation company. Jack's session promises to be a conference highlight at this by- invitation-only FREE event. Please click the link below to access the complete schedule.

The theme for this year's program is "Innovation Drives Change," and the program is packed with highly qualified innovation experts covering a wide range of topics including: Innovation through shared services; How the latest telephony advances can save your business money; Programs to help lower safety costs; An RFID update and much more.

This unique event brings together top executives from LTL and courier companies from around the world. Once again in addition to a keynote by Innovation Expert and Author, Stephen Shapiro, and the featured presentation by Jack Pickard, there will be interactive workshops and lively roundtable discussions on critical industry topics. It will be three days of learning, idea exchanging, and networking.

Space is limited and we fully expect this program to be oversubscribed. If you would like to receive an invitation to this event, email Craig Lis at

Click Here for the Latest Agenda »


New Client: Bilkays

CLI is pleased to announce that Bilkays Express has chosen the FACTS® system. Bilkays was founded as a family business in 1932 to satisfy the needs of businesses in the Northeast looking for transportation and warehousing at a lower cost. For nearly 70 years, they've earned a solid reputation for delivering top quality service to their customers that only comes with hard work and years of experience.

Headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ, and owned and operated by the Kortenhaus family, Bilkays is committed to making a company's transportation dollar go further. They achieve this by mapping out a client's individual transportation needs and then following the most cost-effective route in satisfying them. Bilkays takes the high road to a better bottom line price...delivering top quality service with maximum efficiency.

A warm welcome to the Kortenhaus family and Bilkays Express.


Tip of the Month: Dispatch From Adjacent Routes

From the Route Dispatch screen, when viewing a particular route, use the option "Dispatch from Adjacent Route" (cursor down) to quickly move pick-ups and dispatch them without having to switch to an entirely different route or "(M)ove" and "(D)ispatch" the pickup to another route. This is especially helpful when a driver reports that he is available but has no pickups currently assigned and is ready on his route. The dispatcher can quickly scan surrounding areas to find the closest available pickups.

Setting Up Adjacent Routes:
In order to setup adjacent routes, go to "SET PU Adjacent Scan Order" at ob.disp menu #90. Enter the first route that you would like to select for adjacent routes. F5 will give a list of the routes in your system. Next, enter the routes that are geographically adjacent to this route or hold routes that you would move pickups from. This should be done for each route that you currently dispatch with a driver. For example, all P & D routes could have the VOL (Volume pickups) route set up as one of the adjacent routes, so when necessary it can be easily accessed from any other route.

Using Adjacent Routes in Dispatch
While in a route's dispatch screen, hit the cursor down button to see the routes that are adjacent to the route you are working with. The primary adjacent route will display and be highlighted and the additional adjacent routes that you have assigned will display at the top of the screen. Select this primary adjacent route or enter one of the other routes and you will be prompted with all of the undispatched pickups on that route. By typing in the call number for one of those adjacent pickups, you will move and dispatch the pickup to the route that you were originally working with. Another suggestion for a strategy is to make the route that is closest to the terminal adjacent to all routes so the drivers make these pickups on the way back to the terminal.

If you would like to respond to the Tip of the Week or you require additional information, please send an e-mail to


Personnel News

The CLI family just keeps growing! Sanjeev Thapliyal, a senior programmer, and his wife Rajni, welcomed baby boy, Sukrit into the world on May 3.

Sukrit joins big brother, Tripuresh, in the Thapliyal household.

Congratulations to all.


Calendar of Events




July 19 - 23

Trucking Association Executives Council (TAEC) Annual Conference

Stowe, VT

Aug 24 - 26

Great American Trucking Show

Dallas, TX

Sept 13 - 14

SMC3 Fall Seminar

Atlanta, GA

Sept 27 - 29

CLI Annual Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct 15 - 18

Loss Prevention Conference

Atlanta, GA

Oct 28 - 31

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Dallas, TX

Nov 16 - 17

Ontario Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toronto, ON

Jan 23 - 24

SMC3 52nd Winter Conference

Atlanta, GA


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