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August 2005 

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·  CLI Client ANC Wins Prestigious IT Award

·  Dock Scanning Improves Control

·  3 Ways to Make It Easier for Transportation Prospects to Call You for Business

·  Leadership Summit Quickly Approaching

·  Out to Lunch Training Continues

·  New, Easier-to-Use FACTShelp Now Available

·  Personnel News

·  Calendar of Events


Welcome to the August 2005 edition of the CLI newsletter. While we're dealing with record heat here in the Northeast during the dog days of summer, we've got a refreshing story for you out of the United Kingdom. This month we're proud to announce that one of our clients, ANC Express, has won the prestigious International Freighting Weekly's Information Technology Award. They won this award for their use of the CLI-developed FACTS™ system. The system, which ANC has named FOCUS, was chosen over entries by other transportation providers including FedEx and TNT Express. One of the reasons ANC won is that FOCUS is much more than an IT system. It is a comprehensive management and communication tool that allows ANC to map out and update its operating procedures and deal more effectively and accurately with customers. Please read this month's feature story about this terrific recognition.

Also of note is an article on the CLI Dock Management System (DMS) and how it can be a real asset to your organization. If you haven't already looked into DMS, we urge you to do so today. We're also pleased to include an article by Paul DiModica on "3 Ways to Make It Easier for Transportation Prospects to Call You for Business." Paul will be the keynote speaker at next month's CLI Leadership Summit. Space is very limited so reserve your spot today.

Finally, in the training corner, we're happy to announce the newest "Out to Lunch" schedule and let you know about some exciting developments regarding FACTShelp, our on-demand support and help tool. These are two great ways to maximize your use of FACTS™.

Enjoy the issue and the end of the summer. Stay cool.

CLI Client ANC Wins Prestigious IT Award

ANC Express, the U.K.'s largest independent express carrier, has won International Freighting Weekly's 2005 Information Technology Award for FOCUS, their comprehensive, state-of-the-art track and trace computer system developed by Carrier Logistics Inc. The ANC entry beat out efforts submitted by FedEx and TNT Express. FOCUS is ANC's acronym for Future Operational and Customer Unified Systems.

In addition to offering the most advanced real-time tracking technology, the CLI system boasts the capability to send out early warning alerts of shipping problems such as congestion, delays, and vehicle accidents.

"The new FOCUS system makes a significant difference in the way we serve our 14,000 customers from 85 franchised depots, and handle more than 135,000 shipments per night," said Henry Rusch, ANC's IT Director. "Thanks to the 'Pre-Alert' early-warning feature, route planning and prioritizing timed deliveries now take place hours earlier. Our warning alerts give shippers time to correct a problem before it becomes a customer complaint, delivering peace of mind to all our customers."

ANC's new FOCUS IT installation enables company depots to notify customers in advance of potential delivery problems via an e-mail advising receivers of any delay and providing a revised estimate of the arrival time. The system also provides track and trace capability demanded by shippers and receivers.

These capabilities were the keys to signing major ANC customers, including Honda and Total Home Entertainment (THE), to long-term contracts. The ANC FOCUS system has become the benchmark for Honda's carriers in Europe, while THE found it to be a vast improvement over the service of a previous carrier.

International Freighting Weekly, or IFW, is based in the U.K. and has a 30-year pedigree as one of Europe's leading weekly publications covering all aspects of the commercial transport chain. The prestigious IFW Freighting Industry Awards are described as the premier international accolade for each sector of the transportation industry.

Congratulations ANC!

For a Photo and Article on the Award from the ANC Website, Please Click Here

Dock Scanning Improves Control

Would you like to better control shipments? Avoid misloading? Improve dock productivity? Close loads faster? Go paperless? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in learning more about CLI's Dock Management System (DMS).

Portable scanners connecting dock workers to the database is the key to DMS giving you added control of dock management and greatly improving efficiency. When P&D units return to the terminal, for example, freight is scanned while it is being unloaded, proving custody of the freight, providing the dock worker with routing instructions, and marking the shipment as on the dock. If the shipment is cross-loaded, it is immediately added onto the outbound manifest. Work assignments are created for dock workers from inbound loads and city routes. These assignments can be viewed and managed from the dock office, providing awareness of each dockworker's status and each trailer's status.

For inbound traffic, DMS utilizes the FACTS inbound planning module to facilitate routes being loaded according to the delivery route plan created electronically hours before the freight even arrived. The FACTS inbound planning module provides decision support for assigning deliveries to the best route, taking into consideration such factors as special customer requirements, special handling requirements, and appointment times. Improved route efficiency is guaranteed.

Additional value comes from knowing where your freight is and who loaded it. It also allows you to cut manifests immediately, meaning you'll closeout loads faster and more efficiently. All scanning information is recorded in the pro history for real-time tracking, and is immediately available on the web. In short, DMS will take the guesswork out of your business.

Please contact Ken Weinberg at for more information about the FACTS DMS module.


3 Ways to Make It Easier for Transportation Prospects to Call You for Business

Today, more than ever, transportation companies are struggling to stay profitable and grow their business. Challenged with rising fuel prices, increasing fleet maintenance costs, driver shortages, and the weight of government policies, finding new prospects and keeping existing customers happy is a never-ending Catch 22.

How can the supermarket industry build 100,000 square foot superstores on 2% gross margin per item sold?

They turn their inventory 17-23 times a year.

How can cruise ship companies continue to build massive ocean liners filled with passengers when you and I can second source our vacation packages on the Internet for a lower cost?

They discount their retail pricing to achieve profitability.

To sell more freight, fleet owners and management must take a look at other commodity-based marketplaces which are adapting to the current economy. The trucking industry is a fixed cost and inventory spin model. To grow your business, logistics companies must turn their available inventory (trucking space) quickly and keep their variable costs (drivers and fuel) and fixed costs (yard) low. Having empty return loads and parked trucks in the yard is just bad business.

To increase your revenue per mile and your overall transportation profitability, repackage your pricing based on a customer-centric view.

3 Ways to Tease Prospects to Buy

1. Offer new and existing customers frequent user point awards and discounts for recurring shipments.
2. Advertise same-day shipment discounts for immediate route requests.
3. Repackage and rename your customer service offerings and customer programs so they are more focused on your prospect's needs - not yours.

Sound trivial? Not in business. In commodity-based industries like trucking and logistics, prospects make immediate judgments on your company and their perception of your "value." You can tell them you are reliable, low cost, and responsible but your competitors are saying the same thing. Prospects must see your value up-front to help them make a business decision to buy from you. What is the difference between the words "Customer Care" and "Customer Service?" Nothing, but the word "Care" implies a broader, more personalized approach than "Service." Remember, it is not who you is who your customer thinks you are.

This article was written by Paul DiModica. Paul is the author of the book How to Sell to Management and president, of DigitalHatch, Inc. He is also the keynote speaker at CLI's upcoming Leadership Summit. DigitalHatch is a strategic sales and marketing consulting firm that focuses on helping companies increase corporate revenue through premeditated strategies and tactics.

Visit DigitalHatch by Clicking Here. »


Leadership Summit Quickly Approaching

CLI has released a detailed agenda for its Annual Leadership Summit, which is just six weeks away. The Summit, being held September 28 - 30 at the exclusive Tarrytown House Estate in Tarrytown, NY, is quickly filling up. Please RSVP as soon as possible to assure your place at the event.

This program is produced for executive-level leaders in the transportation industry. The theme this year is "Growing Your Trucking Business" and there will be a strong educational emphasis on sales, marketing, and customer service. There will be keynotes, interactive workshops, and lively roundtable discussions on hot industry topics. Once again it promises to be three days of learning, idea exchanging, and networking.

Session titles include: How to Communicate Value when Marketing Your Services; Web Services and Connectivity; How to Recruit and Manage Salespeople; How to Manage Competition; Managing Customer Value to Earn Market Share; and much more. For a complete agenda, click on the link below.

The CLI Leadership Summit - a unique event with a remarkable audience and a stellar roster of speakers. Call or e-mail today to be a part of it.

Click Here for the Complete Agenda. »


Out to Lunch Training Continues

Following is the "Out to Lunch" schedule for the coming weeks:



Aug. 25 12:00pm EDT

COD Reconciliation

Sept. 1 12:00pm EDT

Driver Pay

Sept. 16 12:00pm EDT

Month End Procedure

Sept. 23 12:00pm EDT

Common Operations Reports

"Out to Lunch" sessions are a great and inexpensive way to learn how to maximize your CLI software. Limited to one hour, this training is a terrific opportunity for you and your team to get up-to-speed on the FACTS™ system.


Do you have a topic that you would like covered in a future "Out to Lunch" session? Please send it to

The fee for each session is $75. If you need more than one connection to the conference call, each additional connection is $30. This additional fee covers the conference call and the WebEx cost, both priced by user. For questions or to register for any of the above sessions, please either reply to this e-mail or send an e-mail to Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance as we may need to increase the number of connections required for a given session. Please supply the following when you register: Company Name, Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number and Topic.


New, Easier-to-Use FACTShelp Now Available

With the release of FACTS version 10.0 comes an easier-to-use, more comprehensive FACTShelp. This on-demand support and help tool will enable users of the FACTS system to better utilize the software. The most innovative change is now FACTShelp will link directly from the programs instead of separately as the tool had done in the past. Plus, new easy-to-read screens will guide users through the system so they can maximize their use of FACTS.

Based on RoboHelp, a tool from Macromedia, the creators of Shockwave and Flash, FACTShelp allows CLI to create help files in multiple formats including Web help, Flash help, printed documentation, and Windows help files. This new way of releasing documentation is very user-friendly and will prove to be a great asset in the support area.

Even better, the program can be used to create online tutorials and training sessions that can be customized for each customer. For more information on FACTShelp contact Joe Suprenant at


Personnel News

CLI is pleased to announce that Stephen Jackson has joined the CLI sales force, in charge of new business development in the Midwest U.S. Stephen has over 13 years of experience in the transportation industry and a solid background in transportation software. He joins Gary Snyder, in Canada, and Adrian Moss, in the U.K., as part of the global sales team. Stephen will be a valuable asset to CLI in the Midwest and a key player in introducing the benefits of the FACTS system to trucking and transportation companies.

Welcome Stephen.


Calendar of Events




Sept. 18 - 21

Ohio Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toledo, OH

Sept. 28 - 30

CLI Annual Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct. 2 - 5

ATA Safety & Loss Prevention Annual Conference

Miami, FL

Oct. 15 - 19

2005 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Boston, MA

Oct. 16 - 19

2005 Loss Prevention Conference

Atlanta, GA

Oct. 20 - 22

ExpoCam 2005

Montreal, QC

Nov. 12 - 16

NITL 98th Annual Meeting & TransComp 2005

Anaheim, CA

Nov. 17 -18

Ontario Trucking Association Annual Convention

Toronto, ON

Jan. 24 - 25

SMC³ 51st Annual Winter Meeting

Atlanta, GA

Feb. 26 - Mar. 1

Annual Meeting of the Distribution & Less Than Truckload Carriers Asoc.

San Diego, CA


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