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October/November 2004 

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Welcome to the October/November edition of the CLI newsletter. This edition features some exciting news about an addition to the CLI website, an announcement regarding a spring conference, and a spotlight on a CLI customer and how they creatively solved a problem. Plus there's an article on how to save fuel costs, the calendar of events, Tip of the Month and CLI personnel news.

Communication is critical no matter what business you are in. Good communication is important between management and staff, service provider and customer, and business partners. This newsletter, in fact, was created as a tool for better communication between CLI and its clients, partners and prospects. Now, CLI is pleased to announce the launch of another communication tool that will allow you to "talk" to your business peers. The Transport Forum is now open on the CLI website. This LTL industry bulletin board will allow you to post questions, share knowledge and generally stay on top of industry trends. For details on signing up for the Transport Forum, please see our feature article below.

And while communication via the Internet allows everyone to participate and get answers quickly, there is still no substitute for face-to-face communication and learning. This is why we are excited to announce that CLI will host a User Group Conference in Tarrytown, NY on March 9-11, 2005. Please mark these dates on your calendars and read the article below for more information.

Finally, by communicating with each other on how we solved a business issue we all can learn. Please note the "Spotlight On" article featuring a story on CLI customer BTS Byers and how they creatively solved a business issue. Do you have a story you'd like to share with our readers regarding how you solved a business issue or concern? Contact Craig Lis at if you do.

Enjoy the issue and Happy Holidays.

Transport Forum Open for Discussion

Want to exchange ideas with industry peers? Would you like to know how another trucking company solved a problem you're currently experiencing? Then head to the newly launched Transport Forum located on the CLI website. This forum, open to anyone involved in the trucking and transportation industry, is a place for discussions, idea exchanges and even humor.

"We're hoping the forum becomes a valuable meeting and exchange site on the Internet," said Ken Weinberg, CLI vice president. "We believe this will become a place where people in the trucking industry can go for answers, guidance and solutions to their business challenges," he continued. The Transport Forum is an open place where people in the industry can exchange ideas, opinions, and information about such issues as the cost of diesel fuel, driver safety, traffic congestion, hours of service, capacity constraints in the LTL industry, and computer system training options.

The forum is easy to use and navigate. Just post your question, concern or news and then visit the site later to read what others in the industry have to say. You can make the forum part of your daily routine to read the latest buzz in the transportation world. And if you need a laugh, visit the humor section for a quick pick me up.

Though you can enter as a guest, we strongly recommend that you register for the forum so that you can post your own messages. Registering is fast, simple and free. Carrier Logistics' customers will also have access to additional forums about software enhancements, Out to Lunch sessions, and tips. Click the link below and get started today. The CLI Transport Forum is your source for the latest news, resources and information for the trucking industry.

Back to Basics: Ways to Save Fuel Costs

by Ken Weinberg, vice president, Carrier Logistics Inc.

Considering the skyrocketing costs of fuel, now is a good time to examine your P&D productivity. You can't control the price at the pump but you can control the amount of fuel you use. Looking at your P&D routes and even how you load your trucks could result in significant savings.

By streamlining your pick up and delivery routes you can save miles. And miles mean money when it comes to fuel. We've found that when we re-engineer a route structure for a customer, we end up saving one stop per truck on average. The industry-wide average is one stop equals five miles. So by re-examining your route structure you can save five miles per day per truck.

Though at first glance, five miles may not seem like a big deal, when you multiply it across your entire fleet over the period of a year it can really add up. If, for example you had 50 trucks, you'd save 250 miles per day. Multiply that over a year (220 work days) and you'd be saving 55,000 miles a year. Now how much fuel are you saving? If you're getting 7 miles per gallon, assuming gas costs of $2 a gallon, you're saving $15,715 a year. Suddenly that insignificant five miles has become a big number for your bottom line.

And in addition to the fuel it's a dollar a mile to run your trucks. I'm just trying to illustrate the point that we're talking real dollars here. That 55,000 miles also represents wear and tear, increased maintenance, and, of course, additional man hours. And if you use those extra man hours to add one more stop, you could add conservatively $175 a day in incremental revenue to your bottom line. Again, to be conservative add it up and you end up with an increase of $1,925,000 a year. If you disagree with my calculations take half - it's still a huge increase to your bottom line.

So get back to basics. Take a look at your P&D routes. Streamline those routes and start saving. The sooner those five miles a day are conserved, the faster your company will begin to not just save but really grow.


What's Up Dock?

Keeping Track with the Enhanced Dock Module

CLI's enhanced Dock Module makes dock management a breeze, giving you clear control over all aspects of your dock activity. With this addition to the FACTS™ suite of software, you can now know where your freight is located and who put it where and when. You'll also be able to keep track of when freight location has changed. The Dock Module makes monitoring loading and unloading freight a simple task whether you're looking to see what freight has been unloaded, where it is stored, or who loaded it and when. There is also a system-wide option that allows freight to be added to an outgoing manifest "on-the-fly" if desired.

The Dock Module increases worker productivity as well. It assigns strip and/or load assignments to a particular worker, keeps a record of who unloads or loads a particular pallet, and knows if a worker is currently working on an assignment. You can also review reports on a worker's productivity.

FACTS'™ enhanced Dock Module allows you to run your dock more efficiently and profitably. It also supplies you with a complete scanning history of a particular pallet; from unloading to storage to moving to loading. In short, the Dock Module provides the who, when and where in dock management.



When CLI customer BTS Byers needed to cut expenses, they came up with a unique and clever way to save money. The Edmonton-based carrier was spending a lot of money on bill inputting. The clerical workers were making high wages, as their work time was during the overnight hours. John Assman, president of BTS Byers, discovered he could outsource the bill-inputting department to a company located in the Philippines. Due to the time difference, the Philippine workday was the same time as the BTS Byers' nighttime.

With CLI software the information flowed seamlessly and in real-time over the Web to the Philippines and back to BTS Byers so that at the start of the workday in Edmonton, all of the bills from the prior day had been input.

BTS Byers found a way to be more efficient while cutting costs and FACTS™ software made this a reality.


Tip of the Month

POD by Manifest

Overview Many times there is a delay in getting an entire manifest delivered. This delay can be caused by different circumstances such as weather or accidents. There are also times when a status update is needed for an entire manifest, such as giving the freight to an interline partner. There is a program that can be used to update every pro on the manifest with a particular result code.

How it works
This option is located on the bs.manifest menu #19 or cust.special #24. This program first prompts for a manifest number, trailer, or a load number.

Next the pros on the manifest are displayed. If all of the pros should be updated, hit F1 and the POD screen appears where you can enter the type of result code that applies to the circumstance. If any of the individual shipments show delivered, there is a prompt for you to change that delivered status.



CLI will be holding a User Group Conference on March 9-11, 2005 at the Hilton Hotel in Tarrytown, NY. This is an excellent opportunity to get up-to-speed on aspects of CLI software. You'll learn not only from CLI expert trainers but from your business peers as well.

The program opens with a reception on Wednesday evening where you'll have the opportunity to meet other attendees. Training begins first thing on Thursday morning. There'll be structured sessions, and opportunities to meet one-on-one with CLI experts to get answers to your most pressing needs and questions. The program continues through Friday at noon.

So hold the date: March 9-11, 2005. Space will be limited so watch your e-mail for further updates and opportunities to register.


Personnel News

After twenty years of excellent and loyal service to CLI and CLI's customers, Sam Bird has announced that effective at the end of this year, he is retiring. Many of you have had the opportunity to work with Sam as he managed the MIS team at CLI. Over the years he has cheerfully and competently answered your questions.

We're sure you join us in wishing Sam a happy and healthy retirement. Sam plans to spend time at his Poconos getaway lodge, and playing with his grandchildren.


DLTL Carriers Association Annual Meeting

The Distribution & LTL Carriers Association will hold their Annual Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on January 30 - February 2, 2005. The meeting will be held at the Lago Mar Resort. Among the activities scheduled will be educational seminars, social and networking opportunities and an exhibition area for trucking industry suppliers.

Educational topics will include seminars on Costing for the LTL Carrier, Estate and Retirement Planning for Business Executives, Explanation of the Benefits of Health Savings Accounts, a Review and Forecast of Economic Conditions, a Legislative and Regulatory Policy Review, among others.

The program will also feature an exhibit of products and services offered to member carriers by the premier suppliers to the trucking industry. In addition, an Exhibitors Roundtable has been scheduled to provide an opportunity for all exhibitors to directly address the association in regard to their products and services. There will be several networking opportunities on the program including social events, a golf tournament as well as spouse activities.

For more information contact Jeff Michalson at 816-753-0411 ext. 233, or send an email to You can also get additional information on the association and its activities on its web site -


Calendar of Events




Nov. 13 - 17

NITL Annual Meeting & TransComp

San Antonio, TX

Jan. 30 - Feb. 2

The Distribution & LTL Carriers Association 2005 Annual Meeting

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Feb. 3 - 5

Mid-West Truck Show

Peoria, IL

Feb. 15-18

2005 ATA Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition

Tampa, FL

Feb. 22 - 24

Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Conference

La Quinta, CA

March 31 - April 2

Mid-America Trucking Show

Louisville, KY

Oct. 15-19

2005 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Boston, MA


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