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Leadership Summit 2004 

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Welcome to a special Leadership Summit edition of the CLI newsletter. In this issue we'll recap the highly successful executive conference that CLI hosted for its clients on September 29 through October 1 at the magnificent Dolce Tarrytown House in Tarrytown, NY. It was three days of intense learning and exciting networking.

The program, entitled "The Road to the Future," was a by-invitation-only event, bringing together the chief executives, presidents and strategic leaders of CLI customer companies. These high-level attendees heard from experts about: the current state of the transportation and trucking industry and what to expect in the future; how to best satisfy customers' needs today and anticipate their requests tomorrow; and most importantly, what leaders in the LTL industry must do to thrive in the marketplace in the coming years.

And here's some good news...Due to overwhelming demand - 100% of attendees surveyed said they would like to attend the program next year - CLI will host the 2005 Leadership Summit on September 28 through 30, 2005 at the Tarrytown House in Tarrytown, NY. So, if you were invited to attend this year's Summit and couldn't make it, mark your calendar now for the 2005 event. I'm sure once you read this newsletter you won't want to miss out again.

I want to extend a special thank you to all of our speakers and attendees. You truly helped make this a world-class and valuable event. We look forward to working with you to shape next year's program.

Program Highlights

After a lively reception and dinner on Wednesday night, Summit participants got down to work first thing Thursday morning. Jack Shaw (pictured here), a business strategy and technology expert, opened the program with a stirring keynote presentation. He urged the executives in attendance not to just prepare for change but to seek it out and embrace it. He also shared his self-titled, Shaw's Law which states, "90% of businesses fail to take advantage of 90% of what the technology they already own could be doing for them." Weaving in content from the rest of the agenda, Shaw managed to encapsulate the program, keeping the focus on a high level and setting the tone for the program.

Activity-Based Costing
Ken Manning of Transportation Costing Group shared his expertise on the importance of Activity-Based Costing (ABC). Manning, a 30-year industry professional, told the group that the premise of ABC involves four core points:

1. Providing a service (e.g., freight transportation) consumes activities
2. Activities consume resources
3. The consumption of resources is what drives cost
4. Each activity has independently associated overhead costs

ABC is a way to discover savings opportunities, improve strategic decision making, identify money makers and money losers, and compare different options of pricing and operating adjustments.

New Aspects in Training
Following lunch, Joe Suprenant, training and documentation manager for CLI, talked about the different training options that are now available to organizations. Whether it's through instructor-led, web-based, or self-paced training modules, the key to productive employees is education. Consider that trained users use 66% of a product's features, but untrained users use 24% (Booth Research) and you'll understand the importance of training too.

Disaster Recovery
Brian Bowman, a product manager for the Data Management team and Fathom products at Progress Software, discussed the timely topic of Disaster Recovery and the need for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan in place and practiced by key staff. From the more sophisticated high-end preparedness of having a call re-routing system in place to the basic no-brainer that your plan should not be solely on your computer (rendering it useless in a power outage), Bowman covered it all with entertaining insight.

What's New at CLI
Ben Wiesen, a senior consultant and project manager at CLI, presented, "What's New at CLI," putting the spotlight on what he referred to as the "soft" and "hard" changes at the organization and to CLI's software. Some of the "soft" changes include the introduction of this newsletter and the additional staff brought on for training and documentation. Wiesen also discussed some of the "hard" changes including the introduction of Business Intelligence software to complement FACTS™, the new Graphical User Interface or New Look option now available, and the Dock Management system. Wiesen demonstrated that CLI was listening to its customers and working hard to meet their needs and requests.

Industry Trends
After some dedicated time spent trying out new software and modules in the Exploration and Discovery Room (see the article below for more details), the group reconvened for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the King House Library. A private dinner in the floor-to-ceiling windowed Sun Porch followed, capped by a speech by Merrill Lynch's senior Airfreight and Surface Transportation analyst Ken Hoexter. Hoexter shared his view of the industry and what he foresees as its biggest challenges. Participants clearly wanted this insider's views as was evidenced by the more than 30 minutes of Q&A that followed his speech.

Moving Beyond Just-in-Time
Day three began with a presentation by the Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University, Dr. Alain Kornhauser, who detailed the next stage in process flow management. He noted that Just-in-Time is a great concept that focuses on the fundamental needs of transportation:

1. To have control of the place and time utility of goods and people
2. To have goods where they are needed at the time they are needed

However, it does have its shortcomings, specifically that the process is inherently deterministic and static, meaning it can't adjust to changing conditions. Dr. Kornhauser's recommends moving to "Real-time Management and Control" which provides a dual-use advantage. First, it delivers a more economical and efficient transportation operation and second, it delivers a more secure surface transportation system. Dr. Kornhauser also shared his research regarding how to get to Real-time Management and Control.

Business Intelligence
Eric Levine, president of Top Dog Solutions, focused his remarks on the background of Business Intelligence. After reviewing the makeup of Business Intelligence, Levine presented the advantages of it, namely that Business Intelligence allows you to:

· Run your business more efficiently
· Get instant analysis
· See profitability at the customer level
· Evaluate trends and variances
· Find quick answers
· Improve the bottom line

Finally the program closed with an interactive session led by Ken Weinberg that elicited thoughts and ideas for future programs from the audience. After another gourmet lunch, the participants were free to enjoy a beautiful Fall afternoon in New York.

Thank you for your Support: Progress Software

CLI would like to thank its platform partner, Progress Software for their support of this event. Progress sponsored, in part, the Keynote presentation by Jack Shaw, which was highly rated in both content and delivery by the participants. Progress also sponsored the wine which was served with dinner on the first night.

Brian Bowman, as noted earlier, a Product Manager for the Data Management team at Progress Software, led the presentation on "Disaster Recovery." Glenn Haertel, Anne Cayer, and Dave Grazio, all with Progress, attended the program as well.

Thank you again to Progress for their continuing support.

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The Exploration & Discovery Room

CLI set up a separate room at the Summit, where participants could try out some of the newest technology products for the industry firsthand. The room was very well received by participants and there were many comments like this one on the evaluations: "I thought the discovery room was very good."

FACTSview™, the new Business Intelligence software that is the latest addition to the FACTS™ suite, was demonstrated as was the New Look versions of accounting and operations modules, now available in a GUI, or graphical user interface version. Attendees had the opportunity to try out the new Dock Management software as well as sample FACTShelp™, the documentation and training software. Other demonstrations included FACTS™ Web Modules, ABC costing software from Transportation Costing Group, and Fathom, the disaster recovery solution provided by Progress.

For further information on any of the above products or to set up your own demo, contact Ken Weinberg at


Mark the Date

The 2005 Leadership Summit will be held on September 28 through 30 once again at the Tarrytown House (pictured below) in Tarrytown, NY. In addition to the same strong content from seasoned presenters, there will also be industry roundtables where attendees can discuss issues and share solutions in a peer-to-peer environment.

"The event was well planned and provided good information and good networking opportunities," wrote one of the participants on his evaluation. With that in mind, CLI will once again strive to put together a well-organized, timely and educational event that will benefit your business.

Please mark your calendars and watch your e-mail for updates as the program draws nearer.



Links to the Presentations

CLI has made the PowerPoint presentations from the program available on their website. Either click the quick link below or go to and click on the Transport Forum link in the left column. Once in the forum follow the links to the Fall Leadership Summit and then to Presentations. While we recommend you set up a forum account, you may enter as a guest to access the presentations.

Remember: These presentations were created to be accompanied by a speaker, filling in details, and rounding out discussion points. CLI is making them available so that you can get a sense of the high level of the content.



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