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August/September 2004 

in this issue

·  Big News: FACTS™ adds GUI

·  5 Steps for Disaster Preparedness

·  Tip of the Month

·  Opinion: Let's Meet on the Web

·  Midland Courier Joins CLI Family of Users

·  "Out to Lunch" Training Continues

·  Calendar of Events


Dear Customer,

Welcome to the August/September 2004 edition of the CLI newsletter. In this issue you'll read about some exciting changes to the FACTS system, get an up-to- date schedule of our highly successful "Out to Lunch" training sessions, and learn from this issue's very important "Tip of the Month."

To help broaden our scope, we continue to solicit articles from outside resources, such as this month's timely feature on disaster preparedness from software expert Brian Bowman from the Data Management Group at Progress.

Take a minute to look at a re-print of an article on training by Ken Weinberg, vice president, CLI which originally appeared in "Transport Topics." Also note the expanded calendar of events listing. If you know of an industry event that we haven't listed, please contact us via e-mail at and we'll include it on future calendars.

Finally, coming soon to the CLI website: "Carrier Logistics' Transportation Discussion Forum." This interactive bulletin board, forum, and information resource for professionals in the transportation and trucking industry will soon be available at Look for details and links in the very near future.

Thank you and enjoy the issue.

Big News: FACTS™ adds GUI

CLI is making some exciting improvements to their software. They've converted a significant portion of the FACTS™ total transportation solution to a Graphical User Interface (GUI), also known as a mouse- driven system. GUI makes CLI's systems even easier to use and reduces the time needed for training. The modules that have already been converted to this upgraded system include the full Reporting Suite, Customer Service, Inbound Planning, and Accounts Receivable.

In non-technical terms, GUI is different than CHUI (Character User Interface) because instead of navigating with the cursor and function keys, the GUI version allows users to point their mouse to the various data windows and move information into the system. In addition to being easier to use, the GUI approach allows additional features, saves you time, can decrease inputting errors, and allows FACTS™ to more easily integrate with other programs running on users' computers.

It is important to note that CLI is adding GUI, not replacing CHUI, so their customers have the option of using one or the other or both. The data, of course, stays the same with either interface; CLI is developing a way of accessing and processing data through both GUI and CHUI - meaning that customers can view and use FACTS™ in the way that works best for them.

Current customers will be receiving information soon about upgrading and adding GUI to their existing system. For all new customers, the FACTS™ suite of software will include GUI.

Please note that CLI will be hosting a FREE "Out to Lunch" training session on the GUI system on October 7. Please see the "Out to Lunch" article below for more details. If you have any questions regarding the GUI upgrade, please contact Ken Weinberg at

5 Steps for Disaster Preparedness

By Brian Bowman, Data Management Group, Progress Software Corporation

Whether you are focused on business continuity, contingency, or disaster recovery planning, the goal is essentially the same. Today's competitive business environment demands that you take steps to ensure continuous availability of your data and applications. Disaster preparedness and recovery plays a critical role in this. When working on a disaster recovery plan consider:

1. Planning - the most important part of the process

2. Assessing the complete environment - software, hardware, database, application, infrastructure, and personnel

3. Meeting the needs of the business - cost of downtime, recovery time, ROI

4. Gaining commitment at all levels of the organization

5. Testing and documentation

If you consider these five steps when creating a disaster preparedness plan, your road to recovery, should you experience a disaster, will be much smoother.

Brian Bowman will be presenting a session on "Disaster Recovery" at the CLI Leadership Summit, being held September 29 - October 1, 2004 in Tarrytown, NY.

Image © Andrews McMeel Universal Pub. Co.

Click here for more information on Progress Software. »


Tip of the Month

Use Result Codes to Put Pros on Hold

There are times when a delivery is made under circumstances that were not specified on the original bill of lading. For example, an inside delivery must be made because of constraints at the consignee or special equipment was required to make the delivery. Regardless the reason, additional accessorial charges might apply. It is too easy to miss driver notations of these actions when the delivery receipt arrives back at the terminal. Therefore, FACTS™ allows the result code used to confirm the delivery to put the invoice on hold to force a review of additional charges that should apply.

To put the invoice on hold, set up result codes which are defined to cause the invoice to go on hold. Then, when the dispatcher uses one of these result codes, the hold status will keep the pro from posting and invoicing until the charges are added or the bill is released.

The invoice for the shipment that is confirmed with this type of result code will be on hold until a corrective action is taken. Using these types of codes with deliveries enables you to invoice customers for the work that you perform.

Note: Result Codes are set up in the CHUI system with IB.MAINT # 56.

For a more detailed explanation, please contact


Opinion: Let's Meet on the Web

This article originally appeared in the July 5 print edition of Transport Topics.
By Ken Weinberg
Vice President, Carrier Logistics Inc.

With new generations of computer systems arriving faster than ever, motor carriers must train a large, scattered and mobile workforce without draining profits and tying up manpower.

One solution, ironically, has grown out of the very phenomenon that gave rise to the problem: technology. While training continues to be rooted in human interaction, systems providers are making telling use of Web-conferencing to improve computer education and save carriers hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours lost to travel and time away from work.

In the conventional model, systems providers travel to sites or designated carrier employees, usually information technology or office personnel, and visit locations selected by the provider.

Such training sessions usually involve trips lasting a day or more...

To alleviate this, systems providers and vendors have come up with a new approach to computer training that combines the traditional model with state-of-the-art remote Web-conferencing.

Continued......Click here for rest of article. »


Midland Courier Joins CLI Family of Users

CLI is pleased to announce the addition of Midland Courier to its prestigious client list. "We are extremely excited to welcome Midland as a partner," said Ken Weinberg, vice president, CLI. "Midland Courier is a key player in the Canadian trucking industry and we are pleased that the company has chosen our FACTS™ software system to help it grow even larger and become more efficient."

Midland Courier began operations in October of 1987, initially formed to serve Midland Transport customers who wanted a dependable courier service for shipments to and from the Maritimes. They knew they had to do things differently and looked for opportunities to provide services that weren't offered by other couriers. Their commitment to customer service and "hassle-free" shipping helped them grow into the business they are today.

Midland Courier is a member of the Irving Group of companies, a family owned organization whose commitment to customer service dates back over 100 years. The Irving Group's interests include forestry and forest products, oil and gas, wholesale and retail operations, shipbuilding and frozen name just a few.

Welcome Midland Courier.


"Out to Lunch" Training Continues

The latest "Out to Lunch with CLI" training schedule is now available. This series of live training seminars is a great way to stay up-to-date on various components of the entire FACTS™ software package. You can participate over the Internet and by conference call. Following are the next scheduled sessions:




Sept. 23 12:00pm EDT

Excel Tips

Tips and tactics for using excel more effectively for running reports

Oct. 07 12:00pm EDT

Free Session

AR system in the GUI (graphical) version of FACTS™

Oct. 14 12:00pm EDT

Job Stacker

Setting up stacked reports, creating and administrating reports

The fee for each session is $75 (except for the Oct. 7 session which is FREE). If you need more than one connection to the conference call, each additional connection is $30. This additional fee covers the conference call and the WebEx cost, both priced by user.

For questions or to register for any of the above sessions, please send an e-mail to Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance as we may need to increase the number of connections required for a given session. Please supply the following when you register: Company Name, Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number, and Topic.

Do you have a topic that you would like covered in a future "Out to Lunch" session? Please send it to


Calendar of Events




Sept. 23

Out to Lunch - Excel Tips

At Your Desk

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

CLI Leadership Summit

Tarrytown, NY

Oct. 1 - 3

Truxpo 2004

Abbotsford, B.C.

Oct. 3 - 7

ATA Management Conference

Las Vegas, NV

Oct. 7

Out to Lunch - GUI version of FACTS

At Your Desk

Oct. 14

Out to Lunch - Job Stacker

At Your Desk

Oct. 25 - 27

Canadian Association of Importers & Exporters 73rd Annual Conference, Trade Show & Gala

Toronto, Canada

Nov. 3 - 6

Used Truck Association Convention

Scottsdale, AZ

Nov. 13 - 17

NITL Annual Meeting & TransComp

San Antonio, TX

Feb. 4 - 5

Mid-West Truck Show

Peoria, IL

Feb. 22 - 24

Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Conference

La Quinta, CA

March 24 - 26

Mid-America Trucking Show

Louisville, KY


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