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June/July 2004 

in this issue

·  Introducing FACTSview™
An Advanced Analysis and Business Evaluation Tool

·  Getting E-Head: 5 Tips for E-Business Mastery

·  Disaster Recovery

·  Tip of the Month

·  "Out to Lunch" Training Continues

·  Personnel News

·  Calendar of Events



Welcome to the June/July edition of the CLI newsletter. The feature story in this edition announces the launch of FACTSview™, a new addition to the FACTS™ suite of software. This business intelligence tool will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. Please take a moment to read the article to learn more.

This newsletter also features an excerpt from an article by Jack Shaw on the importance of e-business. Jack, a business and technology expert, will be the keynote speaker at this year's CLI Leadership Summit, which is taking place from September 29 through October 1, 2004 in Tarrytown, NY. This event is almost completely full. CLI is working with the conference venue to try to secure more space. However, if you are an executive and have not yet secured your spot at this program, please do so as soon as possible. Space is on a first come, first serve basis.

Of particular importance is the article on disaster recovery planning. Please read it and consider your own company's potential vulnerabilities. This newsletter also includes the latest schedule of "Out to Lunch with CLI" seminars, the always-useful Tip of the Month and some exciting news about our Canadian business.

Have a great summer 2004, and enjoy the newsletter.

Introducing FACTSview™
An Advanced Analysis and Business Evaluation Tool

Would you like to run your business more efficiently? Get instant analysis? See profitability at the customer level? Evaluate trends and variances? Find quick answers? And improve your bottom line?

FACTSview™ is a comprehensive analysis system that includes executive dashboards and analyses to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. Easy to use, it allows you to make important business decisions based on real-time and accurate information about terminal performance, customers, sales staff and quality of revenue.

Hundreds of unique views provide instant analyses of your business layered over a dozen metrics that are important to carriers, such as revenue, cost, weight and percent on time. You can quickly spot trends in performance or analyze variances. FACTSview™ gives you the freedom to maximize the power of your data. FACTSview™, Business Intelligence for Intelligent Business.

CLI will be hosting a free online demonstration of FACTSview™ during the July 29 "Out to Lunch with CLI" seminar.

For more information on FACTSview™ contact Ken Weinberg at

Getting E-Head: 5 Tips for E-Business Mastery

I've been a student of e-business since its inception. And for all the excitement and innovation that this industry has seen over the past several years, I believe that the best is yet to come. We're at the precipice of a new era in e-business. Never have we had a more significant improvement in the technology with which ideas and people come together than that brought about by the Internet and related technologies in just the past few years.

Advancements in e-business underscore the increasing sophistication and capabilities of technology and point to the need for e-businesses to be agile in nature, open by design and adaptable to changing market conditions so that they can reap the benefits of the opportunities that lie ahead. So, what steps do you need to take in your business this year to ensure that you can survive the e-business explosion? You must do several things simultaneously. You must:

1. Increase the degree to which you effectively collaborate with your suppliers, your business partners and especially your customers. Efficiencies gained in this area will result in higher customer satisfaction and increased customer and partner loyalty.

2. Maintain a high degree of agility in response to a rapidly changing business environment.

3. Continue to bring new customer- oriented services to market ever faster in order to increase your ability to compete for a customer's share- of-wallet.

4. Differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors by developing and implementing innovative business processes. Dell is an excellent and frequently cited example of process being a key differentiator.

5. And finally, you must do all of these things while maximizing the productivity of your people.

Jack Shaw will be the keynote speaker at the Carrier Logistics Inc. Leadership Summit being held September 29 - October 1, 2004 in Tarrytown, NY.

Click here for more information on Jack Shaw. »





Disaster Recovery


We are all aware of the critical importance data has to our business. And most of us back up our systems' data daily, thinking we are doing the right thing. Then one day disaster strikes - be it a localized power outage or a destructive tornado. Once things return to normal you retrieve your back-up tapes thinking you'll be okay. SURPRISE. You discover that your back-up tapes cannot be restored. And now it's too late.

CLI provides a back-up tape testing service. CLI customers can send us their back-up tapes and CLI will check them to make sure the tapes are capturing accurate information and that they can be restored. Subscribing to this service may even reduce your business interruption insurance premiums.

Disaster recovery is one of those things that's often ignored until after a disaster has actually happened. Take advantage of CLI's back-up review service and make sure you are backing up your information properly. BEFORE it's too late. For information on this service, e-mail Ken Weinberg at


Tip of the Month

Customer Sales Data and Reports

Analyzing sales data is an integral part of running any business. Any transportation company needs to know what customers are shipping and how salespeople are performing. There are several reports on the bs.any menu that will help with these analyses.

Before running any of these reports, first run the customer revenue posting. This option is located on bs.analysis #50. This program summarizes the data that has already been posted to accounts receivable. You can run the customer revenue posting as frequently as your accounts receivable posting to have the most accurate up-to-date information. At the very least, you should run this report once every accounting period.

Following are the reports that are located on the bs.any menu:

#28 Revenue Summary Report -A breakdown of revenue, weight and shipments for each period
#51 Salesman by Customer -A detailed listing by salesperson, then by customer for shipments, weight and revenue
#54 Territory Report -A listing of total sales by sales territory
#55 Top 50 Report - A list of the top accounts for a given period. There are many different ways to run this report - by salesperson, revenue or shipments, inbound-outbound-debtor and company code are a few of the parameters.
#56 Sales Analysis  by Year - A yearly comparison for a particular customer that shows shipments weight and revenue year-to-year by period
#57 Month End Shipper Report - A year-to-year comparison for a particular customer or range of customers that shows revenue and shipments by period and year
#58 Top 50 by Salesman - Similar to #55, this report also lists the salesperson and displays in a more compact format showing only total revenue

If you have any questions about the reports mentioned above or about the customer revenue posting utility, please let us know.


"Out to Lunch" Training Continues

In our last newsletter we introduced you to "Out to Lunch with CLI." This series of live training seminars that you can participate in over the Internet and by conference call is a great way to stay up-to-date on various components of the entire FACTS software package. Following are the next scheduled sessions:




July 15 12:00pm EDT


Clarification on how CODs work in the system

July 22 12:00pm EDT

Master Pro Consol

How to consolidate probills to rate as one large shipment

July 29 12:00pm EDT

Free Session

FACTSview™ Demonstration

August 8 12:00pm EDT

Month-End Close

Closing a period in the accounting modules

The fee for each session is $75 (except for the July 29 session which is FREE). If you need more than one connection to the conference call, each additional connection is $30. This additional fee covers the conference call and the WebEx cost, both priced by user.

For questions or to register for any of the above sessions, please send an e-mail to Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance as we may need to increase the number of connections required for a given session. Please supply the following when you register: Company Name, Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number, and Topic.

Do you have a topic that you would like covered in a future "Out to Lunch" session? Please feel free to send it to


Personnel News

CLI is pleased to announce that we will now be working with Gary M. Snyder to promote our products and systems in Canada. He is located in Montreal, Quebec.

Gary has worked in transportation for over 20 years, most recently as administration manager for a top 10 Canadian LTL carrier. During his tenure there, he initiated numerous administrative, operational, equipment and technological enhancements.

Previously in Canada, CLI had focused solely on larger carriers. With Gary on board CLI is now in a better position to offer small and mid-sized Canadian carriers the same products and functionality provided to FORTUNE 500 transportation companies for years.

Feel free to contact Gary at 514-487-4685 or e-mail him at


Calendar of Events

September, 29 - October 1 Carrier Logistics, Inc. will host its Leadership Summit in Tarrytown, NY.

November 13 – 17 The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) will hold its 97th Annual Meeting & TransComp in San Antonio, TX.



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