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April/May 2004 

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Hold the Date: 1st CLI Leadership Summit Scheduled

New Training Tool to Help You

Brokers Can Now Benefit from CLI System

Tip of the Month

Out to Lunch with CLI

Customer News: Billings Freight Systems Selects FACTS

CLI Corner: New Additions

Calendar of Events


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the CLI newsletter. We are excited about its launch and the prospect of it being an important communication tool between you - our client - and us. We hope you find it informative and useful. You will receive this newsletter via e-mail; past editions will be archived on the CLI website, for future reference.

Please take a few minutes to read about some of the exciting new products and services CLI offers that can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. Also, please forward this newsletter to others at your company by clicking the "Forward email" button on the bottom of the page. Finally, let us know what you like and what you don't. We've created this newsletter for you; help us shape it into an important resource.

Hold the Date: 1st CLI Leadership Summit Scheduled

September 29 - October 1, 2004. Mark these dates on your calendar or PDA. That's when the first CLI Leadership Summit will take place in Tarrytown, NY. The program, with its theme "The Road to the Future," is an unprecedented event, bringing together the chief executives and presidents of CLI customer companies. These high-level attendees will be enlightened by fascinating speakers and workshop leaders. We'll examine the current state of the transportation and trucking industry and learn what experts foresee in the future. The emphasis will be on long-range business issues and planning.

The keynote will be delivered by Jack Shaw, a business and technology expert with more than 25 years of software design, marketing, and implementation experience. For more than 15 years he has helped clients identify and exploit strategic marketing opportunities. Jack has helped dozens of companies design/redesign products, increase sales, manage customer expectations, and gain competitive advantage.

Join us at the exquisite Tarrytown House located in the heart of the Historic Hudson Valley. Daily sessions will be held in state-of-the-art meeting rooms, while evening events will take place in magnificent parlors and state rooms in the property's two lush 1800s mansions. First class service and elegant accommodations truly make this a desirable destination.

The program will begin Wednesday, September 29 with an opening evening reception and will wrap by noon on Friday, October 1. We've secured special weekend rates if you wish to stay and explore the local area or nearby New York City, which is just 30 minutes away. Space is limited so watch your mail for more information and details.

For more information on Jack Shaw

New Training Tool to Help You

Help is on the way! FACTSHelp, that is. We have a brand new support tool that can help you maximize your use of CLI's systems. Based on RoboHelp, a tool from Macromedia, the creators of Shockwave and Flash, FACTSHelp allows us to create help files in multiple formats including web help, Flash help, printed documentation, and even older versions of Windows help files. This new way of releasing documentation is very user-friendly and will prove to be a great asset in the support area.

Even better, the program can be used to create online tutorials and training sessions that can be customized for each customer. For more information on FACTSHelp contact Joe Suprenant, Training & Documentation Manager at


Brokers Can Now Benefit from CLI System

Brokerage Module Available

CLI is pleased to announce the creation of a new brokerage module. The system, developed for brokers, controls shipments that are picked up and delivered by trucking companies. Essentially a dispatch control, its purpose is to manage outside carriers to ensure that work is completed. This new module allows a broker to ensure profitability by showing margin and giving greater control to manage their business.

Brokers can use the system to schedule pickups and deliveries as though the trucking facilities are part of the company. The system can be used to track freight movement as well as billing information. It is also available to LTL companies with departments specializing in truck load or brokerage moves.

A few of the system highlights include the ability to:

Provide a quote;

Create a brokerage pro;

Trace shipments;

Access historical information to view previous moves from a particular shipper;

Move shipments from an LTL system to the brokerage system seamlessly;

Access freight bill entry and reporting;

View accounts payable and receivable information.

The system will also keep records for dropped carriers to track trucking companies that may not be achieving proper service levels for picking up freight.


Tip of the Month

Pickup calls not routing properly

The Daily Startup procedure sets the routing plan for the pickup calls to follow that day. The default plan is stored in the terminal control file ib.maint #9. If the plan name is changed in the Daily Startup, the default plan is changed in the terminal control file.

On some occasions during the Daily Startup, the pickup plan may be changed due to the freight conditions of the day. Take care when making these changes because a valid plan name must be used.

Pickup calls going to LOG

If after the Daily Startup, the pickup calls are all going to the LOG route, the plan has most likely been changed to an invalid plan name. In order to fix this, check the terminal control file ib.maint #9 to see what the default pickup plan is. If it is not recognizable, change the plan to the appropriate pickup plan. Then run the Daily Startup again to set the current day's plan. Note: The "Load Dailys" option should be NO if the Daily pickups are already in the system. The "Route Pickups on Tomorrow Route" option should also be NO if the pickups from tomorrow have already been routed once.

By running the Daily Startup with the appropriate route plan, the pickups will then start to route properly for the remainder of the day.


Out to Lunch with CLI

Have you heard about CLI's latest training program? "Out to Lunch with CLI" is a series of live training seminars you can participate in over the Internet and by conference call. They are a great way to stay up-to-date on various components of the entire FACTS software package. We know you're busy, so the sessions are designed to be short in time but long on information. The sessions start between 11:00am and 2:00pm to get the maximum amount of participation. Following are the next scheduled sessions:




April 29 1:00pm EDT

Web Modules

FREE session demo of web modules CLI has developed

May 6 2:00pm EDT

Billing Recap Errors


May 13 11:00am EDT

Result Codes


The fee for each session is $75 (except the April 29 session, which is FREE). If you need more than one connection to the conference call, each additional connection is $30. This additional fee covers the conference call and the WebEx cost, both priced by user.

For questions or to register for any of the above sessions, please send an e-mail to Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance as we may need to increase the number of connections required for a given session. Please supply the following when you register: Company Name, Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number, and Topic.

Do you have a topic that you would like us to cover in a future "Out to Lunch" session? Please feel free to send them to


Customer News: Billings Freight Systems Selects FACTS

Billings Freight Systems, Inc., a leading LTL carrier based in Lexington, N.C., has selected the FACTS total freight management computer system. Billings chose the system because of its capability to support expedited freight service. The system offers a low cost of ownership by reducing administrative costs for rating, billing, and dispatch. It reduces these costs by automatically assigning the correct freight rates to shipments and provides Billings customers the ability to trace shipments online.

For more than 75 years, Billings Freight has been providing fast, reliable transportation throughout the Eastern United States, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, California, and Mexico. The company transports fabrics, apparel, and textiles between the Carolinas and the Northeast and today handles nearly every type of shipment, including hazardous materials, throughout its geographic area.

CLI warmly welcomes Billings to our family of users.


CLI Corner: New Additions

CLI is pleased to introduce you to some new faces.

Joe Suprenant joined CLI last summer as Training & Documentation Manager. Joe was previously at IBM and DHL. Joe is responsible for providing CLI customers with training tools that can help them maximize their use of CLI's systems. One of the tools that Joe has developed is FACTSHelp, a Macromedia product, which is highlighted in a separate article in this newsletter.

And from new personnel to personal: Laura Brennan and her husband Sean welcomed baby John Thomas on March 25, 2003 and Richard Murray and his wife Linda welcomed their daughter Juliet Elizabeth on July 30, 2003.

We welcome Joe and congratulate Laura and Richard and their respective families.


Calendar of Events

June 27-29 The National Accounting & Finance Council will hold its Annual Management Conference in Dallas, TX.

September, 29-October 1 Carrier Logistics, Inc. will host its Leadership Summit in Tarrytown, NY.

Click for information on the NAFC Conference


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